Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I thought I had lost them all....

All my pictures in Lightroom that is. I know. I sat at the computer trying to tell myself that it was not possible. I then sat at my computer telling myself to figure it out on my own and not run outside screaming to Jon that my life as I knew it was over. So I sat here at this desk hyperventilating and bawling like a baby while I googled my problem and found the answer. You can really solve any thing with google these days. Well, almost anything! What happened, you ask? Well I am doing some serious cleaning an purging and organizing to my files and downloaded the latest version of Lightroom. I was unaware that it would open in a different way and when I went to find a certain picture, I couldn’t find any thing. Sheer panic I tell ya!! While all this was going on I kept reminding myself that my three children were still alive and in the living room watching t.v. so life would go on. But all I could think about was all the priceless, timeless pictures of my children living their life, doing every day things. I kept thinking about all the shots of their eye lashes and their little hands performing tasks and the quiet little moments that I quietly shoot while they are unaware that I am in the room. And that is what stopped my heart. Not the portraits or even the holidays. It was the everyday things that I will never be able to recall to mind. And that was the serious wake up call that I needed to get my rear into action and start PRINTING my pictures. Whether it be snap shots for an album or memory books or portraits to hang on the wall, they are going to be printed. Its about time we start enjoying my “art” any way. Why in the world would I continue to let 2 years worth of timeless moments of our lives just sit on my hard drive? Insanity, I tell ya. Insanity. So, the next time you come to my house, be prepared to ooohhh and awwww :)

 Moving on. The last 3 months around here have just been marvelous. Busy at times but then whats new? My blog stalker asked me the other day “Are you telling me that nothing exciting has happened in your children’s lives over the last 2 months?” Hahahaha!!! I love my blog stalker :)

Exciting things happen every day even if it’s just fight #1232 that I’ve had to break up between my eldest and my youngest. No kidding now, those 2 have been fighting like cats and dogs lately. It’s been rough and I’ve decided that it’s just a sheer test of my will. And my patience and my ability to give them grace and mercy at the times they need it most. Y’all, the struggle is real!!

Here is a run down of the things that have been happening lately. And by run down, lets see how much I can remember before Angel Baby Face wakes up and wants me to play babies!!

1. Audrey Grace tested into the “Gifted” program which is incredibly exciting and wonderful news for her!! Her brother did not, unfortunately, and one day I will sit down and write all about why I think the public school gifted system is a crock. In the meant time, I better find him an art teacher so that he can pass the next time he is tested. Yep, its a crock.

2. James and Audrey both have made all A Honor Roll so far this year and have both made their A.R. goal. Audrey is reading her red dot books and James just made it to that level. He was super proud of himself!!

3. Olivia. Well, Olivia keeps us all in stitches (when she’s not making us want to jam pencils in our eyes) and she keeps me busy. All day long. She loves to help around the house and has really gotten into role playing (cue the baby talk) and we have to go upstairs every day to play tea party and play with her My Little Pony Castle and all the little ponies. I’ve decided to NOT send her to preschool in the Fall. I just cannot bare to part with her yet. Hers will only be 4 and it’s such a long day and this is the reason I stay at home any way. So we don’t have to send the kids off to something they/we are not ready for!!

4. James is going to play baseball this year, pitching machine baseball to be exact. Im a little nervous about that but he’s over the moon excited!

5. The girls are still dancing up a storm on Tuesday’s and Olivia is very impressive with all the terms she’s learned and she practices her moves every day! Audrey has come a long way since last year and it’s amazing to see her in action. I’m so proud of her. The recital this year will be The Princess and the Frog and Audrey will be one of Charlotte’s whispers but we don’t know what Olivia will be. But I do know that I can hardly wait to see her up on that stage!!

Till next time.....


Becky Sanders said...

oh, this was sooooo worth the wait! I'm sorry you have a crazy blog stalker, but I'm happy that at least he/she was successful in persuading you to find time to update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1. now you know how poor Nenie felt when the house burned...30 years later and she mourns the loss of one thing: pictures of her children
2. Yay for Audrey! and, of course, J is JUST as gifted, but you're correct...the system needs some work.
3. Good for you for playing with Liver. Maybe that will keep you out of the nursing home. Apparently, I didn't play enough. Aubrey has pre-registered me at Wyndham House.
4. these pictures!!!! just lovely

Sam and Nelda said...

Oh My! So glad all of your crying and panicking was for naught~! Good luck with the picture project! At least you have a plan Stan!

Sweet little Mizells'... all three, proud of each one of them and all they do. Hope we can see the dancing girls this year...

This time will pass so fast! Just keep on with the grace and mercy on the oldest and the youngest. You, sweet lil momma, you got this!

Dani said...

I lost all of our video of the kids when they were small. Something corrupted the harddrive, and I didn't know one true media was going out of business till it was too late to order all of them. I've not print pictures since we found out we were expecting Ruth about 5 years ago. I've gotta get it done.

As always love the pictures and update.