Thursday, April 29, 2010

A fun day

A few weeks ago while chatting with my friend Beth on Facebook, I suggested we meet up somewhere, one day and let the kids play. She readily agreed and after a little research we decided Chehaw Park in Albany would be about half way for both of us. We went today and just had the best time, ever!

There is a zoo at this place along with a large pavilion, tons of places to picnic, and best of all a pirate ship playground!!! First off, the animals. Wow, they had a large variety of cool animals to see. From rhinos and black bears to a copperhead snakes and alligators, we saw a lot!

Yes, he was pulling his sister.

We enjoyed a lovely picnic of pb&j sandwiches, Capri sun, chips and fruit. Surprisingly enough, the fruit was the biggest hit!

After what seemed like an eternity (only an hour) and millions of "I want to go play on the pirate ship" we turned them loose to play on the gigantic play thingy! Well, I use the term "turned them loose" very loosely! There were 3 bus loads of kids that invaded the place about the time we sat down to our picnic. And they didn't leave until about 5 minutes before we did! So, we didn't exactly turn them loose!

This picture doesn't do this thing justice, jsyk!

Finally, a turtle he could ride!

Lillie, Becca, James and Audrey


su said...

What a lovely day for all of you- I love the pic of James pulling Peach in the wagon.

Dianne said...

That was my BEST photo, too. About EVERY photo you post here, I feel should be blown up into an 8" X 10" "glossy", framed, and hung...imagine how many you'd have now! Each pic is THAT wonderful, though. Glad you have folks/friends close enough to arrange play dates. James and Audrey are "built-in" playmates and it is obvious what "twin-souls" they seem to be. It's fun to mix and mingle with other kids. This looks like a good mix. Wonderful playground, too.

Becky said...

Fun day! What a wonderfully sweet mom J and A have!

Sam and Nelda said...

Look's like it was a fun day for sure! What a happy little life ya'll! Precious pics...:-)