Friday, October 25, 2013

Spotlight Award

Wednesday marked the end of the 1st nine weeks of the school year and report cards were sent home. James and Audrey both received all M's (mastered) and both got excellent remarks on their conduct and progress in school!! This morning the 1st Spotlight Awards assembly was held and we had been informed by their teacher that Mr. Moore, the music teacher at school, had chosen James to receive the Outstanding Music award but that it was a surprise!!

Olivia and I went up there for the assembly and got to sit close to the front and across the aisle, one back from the Kindergarten class and James just happened to sit on the end of the row. We sat through about 20 minutes of perfect attendance (which they missed by 1 day due to their allergy tests!), honor roll, reading programs and a few more for Kindergarten and 1st grade. By the time the music award came up, James had heard so many names that weren't his, when they did call his name he said out loud "James Mizell???!!" and bolted from his seat and ran to the stage. It was so cute and I am so glad I was close enough to him to be able to hear him say that. Haha!! He was pretty shocked and pretty proud of his award and our librarian offered to laminate it for us. Sweet!!


Becky said...

I can't even see the screen because my eyes are filled with tears. WHY does that child have this affect on me!!!!!????????

Becky said...