Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Raise Your Hand

Do you know what Justin Beaver looks like? Audrey posed this question the other day: "Raise your hand if you know what Justin Beaver looks like."

I raised my hand but it wasn't to answer her question, it was to ask my own: How do you know who Justin "Beaver" is? Her answer: I just do.

This whole scene was hilarious because on the one hand I was like "you are 6" and on the other hand all I could hear in my mind was Dwight Schrute asking "Who is Justice Beaver?" (You Office fans out there are sharing in my laughter right now!)

I am not looking forward to their tween/teen years because unfortunately the members of my immediate family can tell you about the phase I went through when I wall papered almost every square inch of my bedroom walls with magazine photos of JTT. Raise your hand if you remember JTT!!

Today was twin day and this was the best we could do!
It's HARD having boy/girl twins at times like these. Couldn't
convince Audrey to wear camo and made James hopping mad
when the suggestion was made for him to dress like a princess!
I am not ashamed to admit that my creativity is limited to a camera
lens and the occasional table spread. But they were happy with it
and in the end that is ALL that matters today!!


Becky said...

Perfect! I love how unhappy liv looks...she can't know that she's out of the loop on this one, but that's exactly what it looks like!

Sam and Nelda said...

Love it! (who is JTT?)