Friday, October 18, 2013

When the water bill comes due. . . .

Lately when I am in the kitchen (which seems to be all the time this week) she wants to be in there with me. So I usually give her a "job" to do to keep her busy and out from under my feet. She loves to help me "wash" dishes and even though it can get a little messy (but it's just water, right?!) she adores it and will stand there for 30 min sometimes, like she did this morning. And this morning I figured I'd better snap some pics to remind myself why it's OK that the water bill is so high when it comes due next month :)

What's in the food processor, you ask? Zucchini. It's feeding my new obsession for Zucchini bread.

This was totally caught on accident as I was just trying to catch a shot of her cute tooshie :) I didn't even know the water was there until I pulled these up on the computer. Cause all I heard as I was taking the shot was "Uh-oh I spilled it mama." Pretty cool catch if I do say so myself! And see what I mean about messy? Oh and I assure you it was WATER and not, you know. . . .even though it looks like it :)


Emily said...

Soooo cute!!!! She is so much more advanced than Michael! Her hair is getting so long too.

Becky said...

I'm melting over this. One day you will love yourself so much for this. Totes jelly.