Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mangos and Pink Ones

I always seem to forget things when I sit down at the computer to blog. Things that I specifically want to document; I guess because there's always so many! Yesterday was no exception.

 Olivia has a nose like a blood hound (just like her mama and her big bro!) and is always picking up on new smells. So she always will ask "What's dat smewin?" As in "What's that smell?"

So I will answer her and she either says "Oh I wike dat" or "I don't wike dat."
Example 1: I wipe down our kitchen counters with a vinegar/water mix. She always comes in and says "Mama, what's dat smewin?" And I will answer "vinegar" to which she crumples her nose and says "I don't wike vinegar."
Example 2: I will be putting on perfume and she comes into the bathroom and says "Mama, what's dat smewin?" I say "My perfume" and she says "Oh! I wike perfume."
These are just 2 examples. We have conversations like these

Yesterday she was reading a new book from the library and kept coming into the kitchen where I was to ask me what something was that she had never seen before. And she always left the room saying "Oh I wike dat." It was presh.

Today when I put her in her chair for lunch, my necklace bumped her in the nose and she said "I sure wike your pwetty neckwace. She makes big comments like this a lot.

She calls Flamingos "Mangos" and Penguins sounds like "Pink Ones."

We went up to the school earlier today to help bag candy for the Kindergarten booth at the Fall Festival this weekend. When we were finished up one of the moms left before any one else and Olivia tells her, "Bye tanks for coming to help."

Her favorite game to play and by far my LEAST favorite, is to run and hide under her bed from me when it is time to change her diaper or her clothes. She thinks it's hilarious and wont stop doing it. I hope her daughter does the same thing to her one day :)

When someone does something she doesn't approve of like take her seat or her book or whatever, she spouts out the most indigniet "HEYYYYY" you can imagine.

When she tries to talk over you (which happens A LOT in this household) and Jon or I tell her to be quiet that it's so-n-so's turn to talk, she depressingly says "OhhhhKayyyy", drops her head and goes back to eating or doing what ever.

She randomly will tell me "I wuv you so much" followed up with a tight squeeze and and a kissy sound. See? See why she's just the best thing since sliced bread???

And when she hugs you she ALWAYS rubs you on your back. Sweetest thing ever.

She does not allow the door to her room to be open while you are singing her songs for nap or bedtime.

Even though her screams can traumatize you and she can cock an attitude faster than she can say "Hey!!" we love her so much and are so thankful and grateful the Lord blessed us in giving her to our family. This Mizell bunch wouldn't be the same with out her. It wouldn't be the same with any of our little wild indians. We have some pretty amazing youngins.

The picture below is a great example of why it has to be like breathing to you to always check (or change back) your point of focus. Ahhhhhhh!!!!! It's cute any way but I almost can't look
at it because of how even more cuter it would be if her body was in focus in stead of the patch of grass behind her. . . .

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Becky said...

I wike dis...and I would have never noticed that the grass was in focus instead of her body. You have such a professional eye!