Thursday, October 31, 2013

No Tricks for Our Treats

No pic of twins today. Since it's Halloween, they needed to wear a Halloween shirt and since we made the decision long ago to not "participate" in this "holiday" they had to go plain jane this morning. (If they had been dressing up today like last year instead of just the t-shirts, we would of let them do that. Please do not ask about the logic behind that....) I'm sure you can guess the reasons we decided not "celebrate" this "holiday" and since I too grew up with a daddy for a preacher or, a preacher for a daddy I guess that should say, it doesn't bother me that each year they are a little put out with us for making this call. I do remember how it felt to be the odd one out every October 31st ( and James and I had a nice heart to heart about it this a.m.) but I also know that it didn't scar me for life and I certainly don't have any pent up emotional problems towards my parents 30 years later :)

But and however, even though we didn't do the costumes and the trick or treating, my mom always made sure we got to partake in the candy overdose of this time of year. Candy corn and candy pumpkins were of course my fav cause it is the only time of year (usually) you can get them! So, Olivia and I went in search of afore mentioned items and a few other sweet treats. Stopped by Wally World 1st only to find that they had already removed the Halloween candy and put out the Christmas junk. SERIOUSLY??

We went on to Walgreens where we found what we were seeking and a few other of their favorites. So, no worries y'all!! Even though our kids wont be out trick or treating in cool costumes, they will have a nice sugar high this evening just in time for bedtime :)

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Becky said...

whew! Glad I read to the end. The candy really is what it's all about.