Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Facebook Status

Do you ever have things happen during the day or have thoughts that run through your mind and you  are like "oh that would be hilarious to put on Facebook?" No? Well I thought it would be funny to post a few of my recent mind updates: note these updates have happened in my mind over the course of several weeks. they did not all take place in a single day. i'm not THAT sad :) but lets not point out the fact that i actually remembered all these mind updates.....

1. Hello there young mother. Did you miss the memo that leggings are NOT pants?

2. To the old lady of darker colored skin than I at Wal-Mart: I did not appreciate you hollering across the parking lot at me to tell my 2 year old that she is indeed old enough to walk and that she should get down and give her mama a break.

3. James told me I looked like a village person this morning when he saw me in my old, ragged flannel shirt that I have been wearing during the cold months since I was in high school. When I asked what a village person was he said "you know. somebody that is really poor." Well son, if I haven't tossed it by now not even your comment can make me part with it!!

4. Should I be embarrassed or proud that I had on the exact same boots today that a student of my husbands was wearing????

5. Treating myself to a nice oreo blizzard this evening. Wondering if Kerry Miller Johnson has had one lately? note: this is what I like most about Facebook. being able to tag people in your thoughts and have them be notified instantly. i probably wont ever know now if kerry miller johnson has indulged in our shared treat lately :) or be able to taunt her with it hehehehe!!!

6. Posting random, weird, hilarious e-cards and laughing uncontrollably at myself for being the genius that found it and shared it with the world!!!

7. Olivia is the worlds best photo bomber. She almost broke her neck trying to get in the picture this morning!

Today is mismatched day! See the sequin skirt Audrey finally got to wear?!

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Becky said...

You are so hilarious! You don't miss a single detail in life. I'm so envious of that! Laughed so hard at this one, Manny. Had to read it 3 times already. Pretty much my fave is the darker lady yelling at Livvy across the parking lot. This post is brilliant. Thank you.