Wednesday, October 16, 2013

And she says "HUMPH"!!

Olivia has started doing so many new things and saying such big words lately I felt the need to document some things. She's growing way way way too fast and feels so big in my arms at night when I sing to her now that I just want to freeze time. This age is exhausting but so fun!

She stomps her feet and folds her arms and says "Humph it not fair" at any given time. 

She has a bad habit just in the last week of spitting when she gets angry but I've just about got that one "Nipped in the bud."

She still asks for that juice cup first thing in the morning and I still give it to her but we don't take it with us any where any more and she drinks water out of a big girl cup at supper time.

She all of a sudden developed a taste for pickles and now asks for them all.the.time.

She hums 50% of the time lately. Especially if she is concentrating on something or just enjoying her self playing with her toys.

She still loves to read.

She still thinks she is as big as James and Audrey and any other kid she is around. Resulting in a mother who should be skin and bones by now. (get it?!)

She is still the life of the party and has really started making us laugh by making funny noises with her voice while she is talking.

She is scared of loud noises and runs and hides from them if she can. Although Audrey got her to stand still and not be scared of the hand dryer in public restrooms any more which is huge for her.

She still naps and sleep like a champ at night. I had a mild panicking thought the other day when I realized she is inching closer and closer to cutting that nap out.

She loves sparkly things and music and hair accessories. She still talks all the time about being 3 and being able to go dance like Audrey.

She figured out how to swing on her belly the other day and it's just the best thing ever to watch her do it. To watch those short little legs swinging in the air, almost able to touch the dirt.

She was riding in the barbie jeep with Audrey the other day and started begging to drive. I told Audrey to let her at least try it and to help her. Well they switched sides and Olivia took off. She was driving all over the yard; I was so amazed!! Then Audrey had to go in the house so James took over for her. As she was running she shouted over her shoulder "James be sure to press the gas pedal for her!" I laughed so hard. It looked like little Peanut was driving that thing and the whole time her big sister was gassing it up for her. Hahahaha!!!!

She loves to talk on the phone to who ever and loves to play Starfall on the computer. We make pumpkins and dress turkeys and watch flowers grow, just like I did with the twins when they were her age. Remembering things I did with them when they were her age makes this whole growing up process even harder. I look at Olivia and then look at James and Audrey and it almost takes my breathe away. It's happening so quick.

The best thing she's started doing lately is an obsession with hugging and kissing a hundred million times before she goes to bed. I sing our usual songs and put her in her bed, cover her up and say good night. I get almost out the door and she shoots up and says "KIIIISSSSSS!!!!!" So I go back and she throws her arms around my neck pulling me down and kisses me twice on the mouth, then hugs my right side and then kisses me again and then hugs my left side. She does this about 10 times and sometimes, when it's been a long day, I secretly wish she'd hurry up or not feel the need to do it so many times. But I know it wont last forever so I stand there and let her. She also does it with her daddy when he puts her to bed so you know he loves that.

We went to a pumpkin patch with some friends last Sunday afternoon and had such a fun time! Olivia especially. Imagine that! She got to jump in a bouncy house (thankfully there no other kids than our little group in it at the time) and paint a pumpkin. She loves to paint and hummed the ENTIRE time she worked. I need to let this child paint more.

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Becky said...

If you only knew what you made my heart feel like when I read posts like this!!!! Sweet, sweet Olive!!