Monday, September 1, 2008

This is your Fawtha speaking

After a long hiatis from the land of blog, yes this is the pater familia. Who came up with the name blog. It sounds like some sort of of punishment on "WHAT would you do" Mark Summers knows what I am talking about (vintage Nickalodean). I digress. The reason I am posting today is that I felt it fitting to tell everyone how blessed a man that I really am.The title for those who don't know is a tribute to my own dad, who to this day says that first when he calls me on the phone. It has almost been a year since my wife gave birth to our children. It has been seven years to the day that I left home to pursue what I felt was the Lord's call on my life. I still miss my dear family sorely. However, on this seventh anniversary of my departure I remember all of the times that I have been tempted to give up and to give in. I recall many of the times that I was weak and a disappointment to the Lord and his cause. I am also reminded of just how gracious our Lord has been to my family and me. The Lord has reassured us with the comfort of the Holy Ghost, blessed our quiver to be full, blessed me as a man to find favour in his eyes and find a good thing in my wife Amanda. She is such a blessed wife, mother, and disciple. She was truly sent from God to me and I count her my chiefest natural blessing. Jehovah has blessed us with 5 wonderful church families. Bethlehem, Cool Springs, MacClenny, Mt. Zion and now Tired Creek. Through them we have learned the love of God and they have displayed it to us in being mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters in the Lord and in Israel. Once again the Lord spared the city of New Orleans and my family that is there at this present moment. Mysteriously God's grace continues to abound in this undeserving sinner's life and I simply wanted to count some of my most cherished blessings on this historic day in my life. Thank God. Rev. 19:6


~sydney~ said...

how sweet, jonnio!!! we miss you guys so so much! and by the way...the picture is grreat!! really shows of your good side, jon! haha i love you!

Dianne said...

We miss you all terribly! I will STILL adopt you all, the whole kit & caboodle!

What a beautiful testimony, L'il Jon.

You are favored in God's will and in our hearts. May He continue to bless you all.

We rejoiced loudly when we learned New Orleans was "side-swiped". How great is our God!

Toot Toot Mozingo said...

I read with great interest your post and thank you, for it is inspiring. Your Papa would be so thankful for you and the man you turned out to be. Most of all, it's the best gift you could give to your Daddy. (The Lord blessed him to save my earthly life also.)
God bless you.

Becky said...

What a blessing you are to this family. Thank you for your strength and grace. To God be the glory (as Hugh would say...)

Nenie said...

Mysterious? No. It is obvious to even the casual observer of your life that you have been led by the hand of God since the day you were born. And equally as obvious are the humility and grace with which you have followed. With your dedicated, diligent , lovely in all things wife at your side, I know you will only reach higher and higher ground. The note you wrote(I keep it) foreshadows the blessed hope and zeal with which you travel. I love you.

Love Nenie.