Monday, September 15, 2008

Father of The Bride, Part III

This weekend I went home to be in the wedding of my "little sister" Shannon Howell. I can remember as if it were yesterday sitting on the floor of her room watching Father of the Bride parts I & II and re-winding certain parts over and over till our sides ached from laughing so hard! My sister and I grew up with Shannon and her sister Amy. My sister was 8 and I was 4 when we moved to Danville. Amy was 2 and Shannon not quite 1. (Old Bubba wasn't even around yet which is hard to imagine!) So for the past 22 years (wow 22 years?!) we have shared tons of hilarious memories with a few tears added in and oh probably 100 boyfriends or so! My sister started the wedding hoopla between the 4 of us 7 years ago and now Shannon has ended it. I lost it when the doors opened and Shannon walked down the aisle. She was beautiful.

We had a luncheon for Shannon on Friday morning (more about that in another post) and my son (being the only male there) was a huge hit! He's already a ladies man and can't even walk yet! The day of the wedding was a long one, just like any other wedding, but we had a good time! We should of had a jar for us to put pennies in every time one of our straps popped off or someone needed their bow re-tied. We could have paid for Shannon and Brett's tank of gas to their honeymoon destination with those pennies! The wedding was beautiful and I am so thankful that I got to be there and to be a part of it! Going home always gets me real homesick and reminds how much I miss everyone I grew up with. But I am thankful for the times I do get to see everyone, even if they are few and far between.

I had so many good pictures I decided to make a video instead of spreading them out over a few posts. But while going through the pictures I realized I didn't get any of the groom (sorry Brett!)or any of the bride and groom after the wedding. Oh well, hopefully somebody somewhere took some and will be kind enough to send 'em my way!


the ladner family said...

That was so beautiful. I wished I could have been there! It looks like ya'll had so much fun. I miss you all. They really need to stop growing they are sooo big.

Dianne said...

What a bevy of beauties...James included! I don't know the bride but she was stunning and perfectly at home James and Audrey in her lap.

'Manda, you, Betsy, and Hannah were stunning-er. Seriously. What gorgeous ladies all. I like your shorter hair length, too.

Hannah and Audrey dressed alike made my heart crunch. What a beautiful wedding.

They should've just waited and tied the knot on September 27. Then you could share another event.

Emily said...

WOW! Shannon will forever be about four years old in my mind! I can't believe she is married!!! What a beautiful bride she was though!

I love the red she picked out and your short hair is just too cute Manda!

Kisses to those big ol' babies of yours!

Ms. Robin said...

Amanda Grace,
This is Ms. Robin......aka "Mother of the Bride".........You did a wonderful video. I think you were able to re-create the "atmosphere" of the day through your sweet pictures. You and Betsy were beautiful bridesmaids.....I'm right there with you on the idea that Shannon (and you and Betsy included) should still be about 4 or 5 years old making mud cakes and "pretending" to be brides. Seriously, how many
times did ya'll put homemade veils on your heads and hold flowers in your little hands walking up a "pretend" aisle to someone humming some music? Memories.....real sweet memories. I think the only thing missing at this wedding was that we didn't have a "Franc"...or is that how you spell it? F-r-au-n-k is how you 'say it' ! Ha ha.

Lots of love to you and the 'darlings'. And thanks for the wonderful luncheon. Everything was beautiful and delicious. You are SO special and dear to our hearts.

I Love You, Amanda Grace.
Thanks for being a part of our special day.

Ms. Robin

Anonymous said...

Amen, Emily! None of you ever age in my mind...and when I see all these "little girls" getting married and moving to far off exotic places like, I don't know, Brazill - I realize that life is just goes by too will always be the little girl who rode in front of me on my bike while we played "cops and robbers"! Betsy

~sydney~ said...

so so cute! i'm glad u had such a great time! i love hannah and audreys matching dresses! A-dorable. and mannio....i'm loving the hair! it's so cute!

Cathy said...

I'm so excited I found your blog!! I was so happy to finally see your precious babies. Cameron and Kelsie enjoyed spending time with you and Betsy. They told me about you guys comparing the older child/younger child traits. So funny. And that was quite a luncheon we pulled off. I'll be checking back often. Maybe it won't be so long before we can visit again.