Friday, September 5, 2008

Little Einstein's

So my children are geniuses but I didn't really have to tell you that now did I?
Night before last I fixed mashed potatoes with our supper and spooned a big helping onto their trays, stuck a spoon in it and sat down to eat. Next thing I know my darlings have both taken their spoons out of the mashed potatoes and with tongues hanging out put it in their mouths. I don't think I've ever been more proud of them than at that moment. I've never given them a spoon to feed themselves with before and they still knew exactly what to do with it. Geniuses I tell ya! Now, it certainly was not a messless(is that even a word?!) meal and a few times the spoon went into other places like an ear or an eye instead of the mouth but still. Maybe it is not that exciting for you but for some reason I was more excited about the spoon incident than the crawling!

She got stuck trying to escape from the living room!

Every time I take his picture now he makes this face first!

Notice what or rather WHO she is stepping on!


Wendy said...

Amanda, I cannot believe you have twins...This is Mrs. Wendy, God works in mysterious ways, keeping Sydney and Madison helped prepare you for your twins. I saw Robin Howell and she told me you had twins...they are sooooo cute!!!

wendy said...

Sydney and Madison are 12 now...Your pictures bring back memories, some days were tough. It does get easier the older they get.

Amanda said...

Mrs. Wendy I almost fell out of my chair when I saw your name! I am so glad you ran into Mrs. Robin, I've wanted to get in touch with you ever since we knew it was twins! I think about Sydney and Madison all the time and they DID help prepare me for my own!
Please email me at:, I'd love to catch up!

Becky said...

I love this post, but I've gotta tell had me almost convinced that you have baby geniuses on your hands, until I saw that first picture. It doesn't really make Ole Audrey a candidate for MENSA. Too funny. Did she ever figure it out, or did you rescue her? Priceless pictures; keep them comin'!

Dianne said...

And, you don't even need the horn-rimmed glasses and dweeby clothing. It's obvious they're SMAHT chirren!

Audrey inside the chair puzzle cracked me up. And, that James face BEFORE the camera snaps was too cute. Almost hear him saying, "Awwwww, Ma...again!"

The "conqueror" pic of Audrey stepping on James...I think it's time for self-defense training. One of these days, Alice...

You just make me want to come play with every entry. May God bless you all to pieces.

~sydney~ said...

How cute, Mannio! Your children are BRILLIANT....I so already knew that though! I want to see them so bad! I wanna come to the birthday party but it's lookin like the only way I'll make it is to hitch a ride! My mom and dad are going to the, how could one choose over those twins?!?!?! adorable!

Amanda said...

Beck: She had to be rescued! Her hair is getting blonder with each passing day (although when she is in the sun she seems to have a few RED streaks in that peach fuzz, you know where she could get THAT from?!) But in my baby's defense, she was in a tight spot :)

Syd: The twins would love to share their party with you. Please come! And if you are really good I'll have you a cake too! :) Hope you like Mickey Mouse Club House!!!!

Dianne: I just hope he always sees it as a "self-defense" moment and not a "hey Audrey climb on me again and we can get get outta this cage" moment! As some have predicted in previous comments! :)

Laura said...

Too funny! That last picture cracked me up! Those babies are too cute!