Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our brave little solider

On Sunday evening we had our first "at home medical emergency". I will spare everyone the details as I am sure that the grandmothers would rather not know!
Long story short: James has to have a band-aid on his finger. He is fine but his mama and daddy are still recovering! It took us 3 times and probably 20 band aids before we could finally get something on him that would stick.(FYI: Just go ahead and buy the $4 box of band aids, one day it will be worth it!)Thankfully his "incident" happened just before bed time so as soon as we got some band aids on, we fed him and put him to bed. The next day he kept putting his hand in his mouth and getting the band aid off so I had to put a sock over it. Well of course he found a way to get that off so we safety pinned the sock to the sleeve of his p.j.'s and I took off to Wal-Mart for some heavy duty band aids and we now have any thing you could ever need in a 1st aid kinda way in our bathroom closet! Watching him play and try to eat with that sock over his little hand made me short of breath every time. He was so pitiful. Not because he was crying but because he was so brave. He didn't fuss about not being able to use that hand, he learned that he couldn't so he was eating and drinking with one hand. Jon said he reminded him of a civil war solider that had had his hand blown off and was left with just a nubbin!
Yesterday when Jon got home he took the band aid off to let his finger air out and the poor little buddy was going around gently poking things with that finger to see if it still hurt! We went out side last night and Jon put James up on his shoulders. James usually grips Jon's hair with both hands but Jon said this time he only felt the left hand and two fingers from the right hand. (Are you crying yet?!)

Today he is going around with that finger poked out like he is pointing at things. He did eat with it this morning at breakfast so I think it is defiantly on its way to being all mended! Just for the record his little sister has shown NO mercy for him during this time of turmoil. She continues to crawl on him, push him down and take his pappy and whatever toy he is playing with at the moment. Now I know she has no idea what has happened to her bubby and is just carrying on as usual. But it makes it a little hard to watch knowing he has a boo-boo so he has gotten picked up quite a few times after she gets finished with him! Bless her little heart, she's like a bulldozer!
Daddy gets all the credit for tending to our son in his time of need in a calm and collected manner! Dad's are good in a pinch! Now I didn't go all crazy and run around like a chicken with myhead cut off but I was certainly glad Jon was there and I will admit I need to work on my cool and collected mom skills!


the ladner family said...

awww poor baby! he looks so happy! all the refugees got a laugh out of the sock, raveoli, war story. we love ya'll!

Dianne said...

Oh, this crunched my heart painfully. The first "boo boo". Glad you stocked up the medicine cabinet. Might as well buy a First Aid kit for your car, too.

Jon's civil war story was so heartwarming...a nubbin...funny man! James IS a soldier. His little sock hand made me wince.

Audrey is the diva. Now. Always. Trust me.

'Manda, my husband had to be the emergency technician at our home. I DID run in circles on a few occasions. I'm not much better at my advanced age...just can't run as fast.

Love you all, what a sweet tribute to mothering, fathering, marriage-ing, you and Jon are.

Becky said...

I was tearing up (pronounced teering, not tareing) until I saw the final picture, then I knew all was well. What a pitiful story, though!

Dana said...

If he looked any more like Jon he would be Jon!! I am so glad little man is healing. I remember all of the medical emergencies that occured in my house growing up, and if those are any indication, we are in for a lot of medical emergencies my dear friend!!! We love you guys and can't wait to talk to you. I promise my phone will be charged!!