Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Do I know You?

Every mom (or mom to be) faces the challenges of having to "grin and bear it" through some of the rude and annoying comments that complete strangers feel compelled to make. Especially when you have a phenomena like twins. Throughout my pregnancy I was constantly hearing "Your so big, are you sure you're not having twins?" To which I happily replied "Well they tell me I am"! I loved seeing the shocked look on their faces when I would say that. They weren't expecting me to actually be having twins, it was like they just enjoyed telling me how big I was. Like I didn't know or something! Now a days I have to endure comments like:

"Oh she needs to be in the front (of the stroller) she picks on her brother too bad. Do you EVER switch them up?"

"Mama, don't forget about the other one" (rgggghhhh)

"Looks like Mama feeds you the most, yes she does"

"Are they little girls or little boys?" (Come on people, one is in PINK and the other in BLUE)

Someone asked me just yesterday if they were the same age. "Yes" I said "They are twins". Oh my, I thought the woman was going to ask me if I was sure that they were twins from the shocked look on her face and the exasperating noise that came out of her mouth! "Really?" she said "but he's so much bigger than her".
Now, I know James is bigger than Audrey but is he really THAT much bigger?

I do get some very nice and pleasant comments though. People are always telling me how beautiful my children are and what good babies they are. We get lots of "Oh look how cute she is pulling his hair like that!" and "Oh I bet you have a lot of fun with these two!" So it's not all bad but seriously sometimes you have to wonder what in the world some people are thinking!


Beth said...

The comments get old and I am sure they are worse with twins!

James and Audrey are as cute as ever! Please tell me in the 2nd picture that Audrey is eating leftovers off the foot rest on her highchair!?! Becca is obsessed with doing that! You put her down and that is the first thing she does!

Take Care!

the ladner family said...

that is too funny. they r getting so big! how could someone ask if they r the same age, really? those pics are adorable! i love the one of james, sleeping so well.miss ya'll!

Dianne said...

Folks can be so course. You KNOW their Mama's raised them better. The one that used to make me want to karate chop 'em was when I was 9 months and a couple more days... than I wanted to be...pregnant. Someone would look at you and say, "You haven't had that baby YET!"

I love that Audrey and James are such jovial, content little peeps. I think it's in their "jeans". Their Mommy and Daddy play well with others, too.

Sweet, SWEET babies!

Becky said...

As always, I can one up y'all. I was once asked WHEN my baby was due. My answer...? Two years ago. Now that's gotta make you laugh!

You really should pay more attention to whichever one you don't pay enough attention to, though. Also, please feed Audrey a little more. Also, please put her in the front of the stroller once in a while. Also, dress them in gender appropriate colors from now on.

I love y'all!

~sydney~ said...

ha!! too too funny! i can't believe people really say all that! it's almost time for little boy and girl to turn ONE!!! i'm so excited!!!!

Laura said...
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Nenie said...
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Dani said...

Sometimes I think some people don't have brains at all. I'm tired of all the pregnancy comments, and I'm not quite 6 months yet.