Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Slowly but surely we are getting over our "disease" around here. Audrey has calmed down a bit and James is not quite as sensitive! Their bumps haven't spread anywhere else and are looking much, much better. I only gave them Benadryl before their afternoon nap yesterday instead of once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Mainly because Audrey on Benadryl during the day(without having a chance to sleep it off first) is like a crack addict trying to come clean! She was insanely hyper and I didn't think James could handle it two days in a row!Yesterday we went outside for a couple of hours and they really enjoyed it. Thanks to the gnats, the ridiculous heat and of late, the love bugs, we haven't ventured out in a while so it was a nice change of scenery. These last few days have been nice and cool around here in the mornings and you can feel Fall in the air. I love the change of seasons. God certainly was gracious to give us different seasons, wasn't He?
James used to be scared of the grass but not any more. I can only hope that he feels the same way about the sand at the beach next year as he feels about the grass now! He crawled a long way on the hard, prickly grass just to get to a blue can of motor oil! With the camo and the love for motor oil I think we are well on our way to raising a good old Georgia boy! (sorry if that offends you guys in Mississippi and Louisiana but tis what it tis!)

Finally found something that Audrey wont do. Crawl on the grass.


Becky said...

Ok here's an idea. Carpet your new house with grass. You won't need the cage anymore because you can just put down a sheet to keep Audrey in, and James will keep it mowed. It's a perfect plan. It may hinder his Nascar future, though. He WILL need some asphalt in the future, jsyk.

Amanda said...

Genious idea Posh!

Dianne said...

We won't start calling James "Bubber" yet, will we? Motor oil the lure. Yep, he's a budding Georgia Boy.

I ached from laughing at the image of Audrey in the "crack addict" mode. How funny. Benadryl does...STILL...one of my sons that way.

Glad the chirren are improving and now have immunity to Hoof & Mouth. The weather has been PERFECT for morning jaunts. What a world they have to explore down there on the ground...bugs and leaves and sticks and MOTOR OIL!

May God bless your socks off!

~sydney~ said...

wow....great idea mom! and mannio...that picture of audge defines her on benadryl! too funny!and i think she may actually be becoming girly by not playing in the grass despite her eating bugs and spiders! (She's getting there!) james is so cute...what a manly man! good blog mannio...jsyk :)

the ladner family said...

i'm so glad they r better! is that bruises all over james's forehead? poor guy has balance like his auntie.

Nenie said...

wow, Mannio! I was just about to say something nice and sweet to you, and you come out with"tis what it tis?" or something like that? Wow, Mannio! Where did you get that good-looking hunk of man you're married to? Louisiana....Mississippi? tis what it tis!
Love nenie.

Amanda said...

Wow, Nenie. Where'd that good lookin hunk of a man get his sweet as a peach wife?
MS? No. LA? Nope.
Yeah, you know where he found her!!

Et tu, Brute?

Becky said...

Is it killing anyone else that Nenie said jsyk?

Dianne said...

Not killing me...just confusing me. I tho't I knew a LITTLE bit of text jargon. I'm stymied!

Love the bantering, fellow bloggers.

Dianne said...

Stop the PRESSES! I think I got it. Just So You Know??? Do I win something?

the ladner family said...

ya'll are so funny!jsyk (see i can do it too)