Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bizarre Foods Girl

Ever watched Andrew Zimmern on the Travel channel? You know, bizarre foods guy? Well Jon and I luv to watch it at night after the kids have gone to bed. And apparently Audrey has been sneaking out of her crib at night and peeking around the corner into the living room to watch bizarre foods guy with us. Why, you wonder? Here is a short list of what Audrey has been chomping on lately:
Don't you know how much I love to look down at my daughter and have her give me a big old toothy grin only to see little black legs hanging off those pretty little lips? I shutter to think at what she has eaten with out me knowing. This morning while we were out walking, I stopped the stroller and got down next to them to talk about what we were seeing. Much to my dismay Audrey had little black legs hanging off her lips so I stuck my finger in her mouth and pulled out a love bug. Since love bugs are so "loving" I knew its mate was still in there. And it was!

Audrey Grace is one little fire ball of energy! Sis. Bethany Ulmer described her exactly when she said "She just has so much fun!" and she does! Everything Audrey does (90% of the time) is done with a huge smile on her face and lots of little giggles. Yes, she torments her brother but bless her heart she doesn't know she's doing it. Well 95% of the time she doesn't know!


Ms. Robin said...

Amanda Grace,
You will be "amazed" at just what the 'darlings' will consume before the age of 3. Amy was wonderful at supplementing Shannon's diet with cat food........So, you better watch Audrey! There's no telling what that little 'prankster" will offer James!
I love you dearly and look forward daily to checking your blog.

Lots of love & hugs & kisses,
Ms. Robin

Dianne said...

What an adventure a child brings! I saw a line the other day that grown-ups see the SEVEN Wonders of the World, a child seven MILLION. Yum! Spiders. Now Audrey knows how to TASTE life!

My oldest son was crunching once, I inspected to see what he was eating, roly-poly's. The little worm-like things that curl up into a ball when touched.

That picture, 'Manda, of Audrey here was my FAVORITE in the video of the wedding. I LOVE that lifting up on tippy-toes. Same thing with Hannah leaving the church, her little gown being held up gingerly as she walked through the parking lot...barefooted. Girls after my own heart.

Emily said...

Heeeeeyyyyy, is that black box in the last picture a box of hanging files? 'Cause I gotta tell you, if Audrey is filing things these days, and while using her brother as a seat no less, than I am even more in love with the chick. (And I issue, once again, the open invitation to have your children come stay with me a while. Oh the organizing Audrey and I could do together! hehehe)

Becky said...

Items I have searched for in baby poo:
a penny
a nickel
a tab from a Coke can
a marble
a roach (probably digested)
grass (again, digested I think)

In other words, get used to it, sister.

Becky said...

By the way, Emily, I think maybe that's a paper shredder. Even cooler! Beast

Amanda said...

Hate to dissapoint ladies but it is just a plain old regular filing box. Which I bought 2 weeks ago and is still empty and some how found its way into the "cage" and is now one of their favorite toys. Go figure!!!!

Amanda said...

And bye the way Beck, thanks for the encouraging words! I feel soooo much better now!! Do I really have "looking through poo" to look forward too? :(

the ladner family said...

umm that filing box hasn't been used as an escape route yet? looks like she is using james for a step ladder... might want to watch that!
i had to get a m&m out of someone's ear...

Lil. Bit said...

WooHoo! I got a shout out! :] She is going to give ya'll a run for your money! :]

Becky said...

ok, Emily win. That's classic!

~sydney~ said...

i almost had just as much fun reading mannio mom and em's comments than reading about audge! u 3 r too funny! i, along with audrey, have eaten some pretty nasty dad used to pay me to do it! wat a girl will do for money!!!