Thursday, January 31, 2008

Watching t.v. Audrey usually sits with her arms straight down like she is in a straight jacket so I got excited to see her little hands on the tray like this. Below is a picture of them sitting together in Audrey's bouncy seat. At first she thought it was nice but then........
She screamed "Get this butterball OFF me, I can't breathe"!
As you can see James was enjoying being "near" to his sissy! James is hilarious. He always has to have the side of his head up against something when he is
sleeping. And he twists and wiggles his way out of his blanket and up to the top of his crib most
of the time. The other night (morning) after I had fed him and put him down, I layed there and
listened to him flop around like a fish. I just knew I was gonna get up and see him turned over by all the flopping noises he was making but when I looked, he was still in the same place that I left him. He fell asleep soon after, so I assume he just had some energy he had to let loose before he could drift off!!


Tara said...

Thats hilarious! Audrey must need her space and James must like to cuddle. They are so adorable Amanda!

su said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTDAY MAMA. I know the DYNAMIC DUO are the only presents you need. How beautiful they are.

Beth said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy Birthday to you! Hope you have a wonderful day! James and Audrey are adorable as ever!


the ladner family said...

Hey! I tried to call earlier and there was no answer, but i got flustered and hung up. But i wanted to say Happy Birthday and i hope you get to feeling better. Love you!

Amanda said...

I found your blog through Amber. I too hvae twins and my name is Amanda. My twins are now two and seeing pictures of your beatiful babies make me want mine to be that little again. Enjoy them because they grow so darn fast.