Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Don't call me little! I know she isn't doing so in this picture but just over a month ago Audrey got into the habit of SCREAMING every time you take the bottle out of her mouth and try to burp her. It is not very pleasant. I seriously think Jon and I will have some sort of hearing disability in the near future if she keeps this up. I thought at 1st it might be hurting her to burp but then I realized she starts crying when you remove the bottle out of her mouth. She's funnny. She whimpers and pokes her lip out at first and when she realizes you are putting her on your shoulder she becomes livid. (I am not making this up, for all of you who might think I tell stories on my babies!) When she first started, Jon actually put on a pair of ear muffs that he uses to sight his gun in! HA! Now we've learned how to hold our head on her back and smush our ear closed so she won't scream directly in it!

Sorry these pictures are a little dark. I felt sorry for them last night, always having a bright flash go off in their faces. So I took some with out the flash which resulted in dark, blurry ones.
By the way, the Dr. said that Audrey's strawberry on top of her head is starting to go down! It has a little gray area on top of it now which means it is starting to receed which also means it won't get any bigger than what it is now!


the ladner family said...

they are too cute! i can't wait to see them. I just know they are excited too. their cousins can't wait to see them for the first time! love you all.

Emily said...

I want a picture of Jon with the ear protection-although the image in my mind is pretty good!

su said...

Pawpaw and SuSu are on their way, and canNOT wait to hold our beautiful Babies. Can we all believe they're almost 4 months old!? I don't know about the Parents, but those 4 months FLEW by. Time is a jet plane.

Laura said...

AW! That smile. How precious! Can't wait to meet them...and see you both!

Dianne said...

Hey, L'il Sis,

LOVED the "ear muff" idea. How clever is your husband!

I'm glad you explained the little growth on Audrey's noggin. Glad it's something that will go away, hopefully, of its' own accord.

She is a gorgeous little girl! Both of them are SO photogenic.

And, now GRANDma Su will be next to get to rock the babies. What a thrill! Hope her joy-time with the babies will afford you and Jon some restful nights.

Love you all, "drop" your names to God daily.


Dani said...

Jon in earmuffs burbing Audrey, hahahaha. Too good of a mental picture, you should post a real one.

Becky said...

Just when I thought your children couldn't get ANY more beautful...I see them IN PERSON (!) and I'm in awe. They truly are absolutely gorgeous...even more than their pictures show. As for Miss Audrey's crowning glory, well, no explanation needed here. She is perfect in every way!