Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Nanny HughEver since we knew we were having twins, Uncle Hugh has said he is going to be their nanny! This was the first time Hugh got to see them and I think he was a little taken by them. He even told Audrey that they are going to play barbies together when she gets older! What a mental picture that creates! Becky came to the hospital when they were born so she got to see them then but this was the first time she got to hold them and she just kept saying over and over how much it was like holding Jon again when he was a baby.

Sydney and Aubrey came with Nenie once while they were in the NICCU but this was the first time for Hughston and he fell in love with them and they with him. All children seem to love Hughston. He rode in the back with them on the way to Cracker Barrell and was so proud of himself because he got them to go to sleep!!

James really enjoyed his first trip to Cracker Barrell!

This is the group at Cracker Barrell. I had a wonderful time. Not only being with family and out with my children but because everyone who passed by James and Audrey just had a fit. And there were a few people (mostly new moms or moms to be) who couldn't take their eyes off of them the whole time we were eating. The kiddos did surprisingly well in a noisy, semi-crowded restaurant, even if we did have a surly waitress!! They seem to adapt to any surrounding they are in and I sure hope they keep it up!

This is proud SuSue holding Audrey

When everyone got to our house Thursday night it was about 10:00 and James was still awake so I kept him up for them to see. He LOVED having everyone around him. Bless his heart, he just kept looking around with wide eyes, smiling at everyone who looked at him. I think he is going to be quite the entertainer. Hmmm, I wonder where in the world he could have gotten that from?!! They both did really well at David and Sherri's the whole weekend. On Saturday after church a few people came over and for the most part I kept them away but I had to bring them out for a little bit. Audrey just kinda kept to herself looking serious most of the time but James again was wild eyed with wonder at everyone around him!

PaPaw and Audrey really bonded this time and James would stare at SuSue and break out in a big ol' smile when she would look at him!
I am so glad that we went and took our children. My heart is so full right now I feel like I could bust. Actually getting to share our babies with family and friends is something you cannot understand unless you have had to keep them away from most everyone for 4 long months. Now, when we can finally take them to church I will feel complete! They went so much before they were born I think they are missing it! Especially hearing their daddy preach. I remember how Audrey would start kicking sometimes when she would hear her daddy in church!
Me and the kids are planning to go with my sister and her kids next week to my daddy's for a few days and Jon's sister Emily and her family are planning to stop by on their way home from Disney World next weekend. Please pray that we ALL will stay well so my babies can meet their Aunt Emily and Uncle Ryan and their 4 cousins, Harrison, Hannah, Matthew and Issy who have been waiting so patiently to see them.


Emily said...

Wow, I'm not sure if I've ever seen more proud Uncles, Aunts, Grandparents...those are some awfully blessed babies to have such great family!
(And let's not forget their "other Aunt Emily" who plans to spoil them best she can from a far! XOXO) ;)

Becky said...

What a sweet post! It WAS a wonderful weekend, and I'm so glad you and the babies were there to share it. They are so good! They've already figured out that in order to deal with this crazy family, you just have to dig in and join the party. Love, love, love y'all.

Dana said...

I just have one question, how in the world could you NOT fall in love with those two little darlings! I swear when they get "released" to the public I am driving four hours to your house and kissing their cheeks off! Tell them to get ready.
Love ya,

su said...

Amanda, you have such a gift for this blogging thing! Maybe you should become a blogger consultant! Thanks for taking the time to preserve our precious time together. We'll cherish the moments always.

Becky said...
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Becky said...

Nanny Hugh looks so natural with those babies. Talk about a SUPER NANNY! I bet handmaids and midwives of old would turn green with jealousy with that natural talent. I heard not only did Nanny Hugh play Barbies with his own girls...he also was the champion of Pretty Pretty Princess. Heard he has the Princess Crown to prove it. Sincerly, Elder Hugh Sanders