Friday, January 4, 2008

Baby lesson # 1,545 Have you ever had a break down in communication with your husband that could have caused serious illness in your child? Well, Jon and I experienced that a few days ago. My mom had mixed this concoction when she was here of white karo syrup, baking soda and water. It helps with hiccups and bowel movements and so forth. Anyway, I had left this bottle (that just looked like water) on the counter and when Jon got home Tuesday night he was gonna feed James and went to fix a bottle. He hollered "is this water for him?" I said yes because I thought he said "them". Well time went on and James just did not want to eat a lot. He had fallen into a deep sleep. Our exchange went like this:

Jon: He just isn't gonna eat anymore

Amanda: Okay. How much did he eat?

Jon: I don't know

Amanda: Well, how much did you give him?

Jon: I don't know

Amanda: What do you mean you don't know?

Jon: I gave him however much you fixed

Amanda: I didn't fix it

Jon: Yes you did

Amanda: No I didn't

Jon: Yes you did. I asked if the water on the counter was for him, you said yes

Amanda: Ohhhhhh nooooooo. That was karo syrup and water

Jon: WHAT!! Karo syrup? What in the world is that for?

So, I proceeded to tell him and we eventually decided that James would be fine but no wonder he didn't want to drink his bottle. Karo syrup, baking powder and formula? How nasty! He slept the best he's ever slept that night and we credit it to the sugar induced coma!! And, he had the BEST poopy diaper he's had in a long time! However, note to self: Only use water that you fix yourself!Poor Audrey. She spits up all the time and is always so sweet about it. She makes the sweetest noises right before and right after she spits. I've got a call into the doc to see if there is something we can do for it. It doesn't seem to hurt her because she doesn't cry when she spits but it has started to smell like vomit. So I am afraid it is not digesting or something. We'll see.


Becky said...

That's about the cutest story ever. Thanks for the laugh.

Glad you know me so well. Apparently, my mother does not...

Emily said...


I love that first picture. I doubt it was taken during the water incident, but I like to imagine it was. And I would like to think that if he could talk he would be saying, "Aw, come on Dad! Please don't make me drink that stuff! Icccckkkkk!!!" That's what I get from his expressions anyway. Then again maybe he just had gas. I'm not a mommy yet, so I'm pretty bad at guessing these things. . . I'm pretty certain my husband would say something along those lines though if I tried to make him drink that mixture! ;)

su said...


Dianne said...

How funny! And, glad it was such a simple, non-harmful concoction...GRANDma's know about these home-made formulas. I used the Karo syrup "additive" with my children.

My daughter's paternal grandmother told me when Angie was collicky, just add a few drops of vanilla to her formula. She assured me that would calm her stomach. It did.

Only later did I learn that vanilla is MAINLY alcohol that vanilla beans was soaked in. No wonder it calmed her stomach!

Moms and Dads never stop learning. Glad James got a good nights sleep out of it.

Love you all,

Dianne (-;

'B' said...

The specific formula is 2 oz. water, 1 tsp. white Karo and 1/8 to 1/4 tsp. baking SODA! Give all thru the day any time. Babies get thirsty too.