Monday, January 14, 2008

Look what I can do!We had a good week last week but by Friday I had a serious case of "Cabin Fever" and thought it was the end of the road for me! I seriously was wondering if I would be able to make it through these last two months of being housebound. Saturday my sweet husband took pity on me and when he got back from church that morning he MADE me go to the mall. It only took a little persuasion to get me to leave and I was really glad I went. Now, if I can only get my children out we will be doing alright! As it turns out, James' turning over was only a fluke. Either that or he is just to lazy to try again! He is a precious baby, don't get me wrong, but he is a little difficult to keep content. No, make that very difficult! About the only time he is content is if he is A) sleeping B) being held C)pooping! He wakes up every time mad at the world. And if you don't tend to him directly upon his waking, beware! He has 4 levels and if that 4th level is ever reached it is just plain awful. If you are among the chosen few who ever get to see Jon imitate the 4 levels of our darling son, you will laugh uncontrollably. And if you are among the even fewer chosen who may get to see it from the perp himself, you will never forget it! He is a squirmer and a mover and very curious about his surroundings. I have a feeling he will be the one we will be forever chasing after! I don't have any pictures of him on here today because he is in time-out for yelling at his mama. JUST KIDDING!!! I just didn't have any new ones today.

Audrey is very easy to keep satisfied. The only time she really fusses is when she is tired. And even then all you have to do is pop that pap in her mouth and give her seat a little bounce and she is out like a light! And she wakes up very peacefully. She will lay in her bed in the mornings for a good 10-15 minutes before she lets you know she is awake and ready to get up. Even then she only gives out a little yelp. And she can just sit quietly in her seat and look around. Yesterday she laughed out loud for the first time! It was so precious! She was looking at her toys that hang down from her bouncy seat and was just a kicking and laughing and talking to them. And she even thought about touching them a few times but changed her mind at the end. She really enjoyed herself for a good 30 minutes and then she was ready to take a snooze.

We go to the doctor on Wednesday and I can't wait. I am hoping that he will take one look at how well they are doing and say "Okay, your children may now start living normal lives" but I seriously doubt that will happen. But I have been praying fervently for like 2 weeks that he will say we can start having more visitors and maybe they can finally meet their little cousins that have been waiting so patiently until they are not "sick" anymore! I really want to be able to go to church more than anything though. It is getting extremely old having to watch Jon leave without us on Sunday's and even though I know I will have some SERIOUS boundary issues when they can go out into the world, I am more than ready!


the ladner family said...

SHe is so cute i can't stand it! She has the most beautiful dimples i've ever seen. Mr. James will grow out of it. He can't move like sissy, cause he is so fat, so he has to make himself known!

Amanda said...

Hey, I think you might be on to something Em!!

Becky said...

It's just the me. He'll be driving you nuts for YEARS to come. Girls are just easier. Pure and simple. It's a good thing he's so cute.

Amanda said...

okay so that is TWICE that you have said girls are just easier.....are you trying to tell me something? does a sweet, precious, adorable, darling boy drive you nuts?

Nenie said...

Mannio, it's okay for Missy to be the star for ONE post! I was beginning to wonder. WOW, Mannio!

Love Nenie.

Dianne said...

Hey, 'Manda,

Don't you find it amazing...well, every little atom in these babies' composition is amazing...but you are describing such diverse personalities in Audrey and James. I always found it so incredible that they begin "stamping" their likes and dislikes into their behaviors so EARLY on.

James is one more beautiful child, as is his sister, as is his Mama, as is his Daddy.

Hope your doctor visit brings gut news for you and you'll soon be transporting babies to church with you.