Thursday, February 28, 2008

American Baby Scouts Okay, I am dubbing myself founder of the American Baby Scouts where mothers can receive an endless number of merit badges in all sorts of categories and sub-categories.

1. Dirty diapers
A. Number of dirty diapers changed in a day
B. Amount of poop in the diaper
C. Smell of the dirty diaper

2. Spit-up
A. How many soaked bibs changed in a day
B. How many soaked outfits changed in a day
C. How many clean burp cloths retrieved from the drawer in a day
D. How many times the floor, rugs, and furniture get wiped off in a day
E. How fast you can catch it and how much of it you can catch in your hand before it hits the floor.
F. How many times you have to move furniture to clean behind it in a day

3. Bottles
A. Number of bottles prepared in a day
B. How fast you can prepare those bottles
C. Number of bottles washed in day

4. Pappies
A. How many times you stick a pappy in a screaming mouth
B. How many circles you go in looking for the pappy
C. How many times you hear the unmistakable sound of pappy hitting floor and stoop down to pick it up

I personally have earned a thousand for each category just this week alone!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Just Pictures

Monday, February 25, 2008

Going to church
Well, we finally did it! We finally decided we'd had enough of Daddy having to go to church with out us. The doctor told us 3 months past gestation and March 2 will be 3 months and I figured a week earlier wouldn't hurt anything. So, I fed, dressed, packed and loaded both kids all by myself in an hours time (even managed to dress myself!) and got to Tired Creek before preaching started. Granted, Jon was just about to give the opening prayer but who really cares about the details?! And I carried them both into the building in their carriers ALL BY MYSELF. Oh yeah, that's right, I am SUPER MOM!!!!

James and Audrey did absolutly wonderful and everyone said they didn't even know we had snuck in because they were so quiet! Oh if only it will stay that way! Mr. James put on a show for all the ladies. He is such a crack up. Every time a pretty lady would talk to him he would laugh and show off that beautiful smile. The little flirt! He is definitly going to be an extrovert like Jon and never meet a stranger. Audrey fell asleep right after the handshake so she didn't get to show off her little personality.

Everyone was so happy to get to see them and I didn't even have to swat any hands away. It was such a huge relief to get to be in service with my little family. I finally feel like all the pieces of our lives together are finally in place!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Mama's baby boyWell it is still raining here today. We got 4 1/2 inches yesterday and probably another 2 already today. Another lazy day!
My precious boy's personality is coming more and more alive with each passing day. He has his daddy's natural talent to make us laugh with his funny sounds and hilarious facial expressions! I am sure he will be impersonating his family members any day now!
I am convinced that my children are scheming together to make themselves more irresitable to me at nap time. Lately when it is time for them to go down for a nap they break out into big smiles and start laughing at me. How in the world am I supposed to make them go to sleep when they are being so cute? I have a feeling that I am in for some trouble when they start seriously interacting with us. And I believe that they are becoming more aware of eachother these days. Yesterday James broke out into a huge grin when I laid Audrey down beside him and this morning I caught him staring at her. So sweet. I hope they have a wonderful, close relationship like Jon and Emily do.
And Audrey is a girl after her mama's heart for sure. A little while ago I had Paula Deen on (imagine that) and Audrey laid there and watched an entire episode and was just a talking to her. Now I know that it was really just the bright colors and all the movement but I like to think that she is already preparing to create something delicious!

James is just the cutest little thing isn't he? He is on the verge of rolling over on his tummy any day now and Ms. Audrey rolled from her tummy to her back 3 times this morning. The look on her face was just priceless like "Wow, how'd I do that?" I am so thankful the the Lord has blessed Jon and I to be in a position for me to stay at home with them (not that I would really ever think of doing different) because I get to be with them all the time and really see how much they change every day. I wouldn't trade it for all the money in the world!

We have had them covered from head to toe pretty much every day since we brought them home and now that it is getting warmer it is so fun to see their fat little legs and arms exposed. Especially James. He is just a chunk, a solid little man. His hands are HUGE and his toes are so fat and short they automatically curl over! Jon says he takes after his great-papaw, Jimmy, which is just perfect seeing how that is part of who he was named after. He was named after Jimmy and Mr. Ronnie (Ronnie's middle name is James.)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

"It's a rainy day in Georgia"
It has been raining here all day and I am enjoying the lazy feel of it. It's the kinda day where you curl up on the couch with a snuggly blanket and a Nicholas Sparks book and stay there all day.........oh well......I am enjoying the thought of it atleast! We still really need the rain down here after the horrible, dry, HOT summer we had so it is really a blessing to have a day like this.
On to my kiddies. In that picture above, how funny is the size of James head compared to Audrey's? I really captured it this time! Bless his heart. And below is the dreaded tummy time. They do good for about 3-5 minutes and then they are sooooo over it. Especially James. He gets really mad when he has had enough. Today was his best day though, he really pushed up high.

He is getting so big. This picture almost makes me a little sad.

Audrey has always been able to hold her head up better and higher and she just keeps getting stronger. She really enjoyed herself until she spit up and got her hands all wet!

And this is James being done with the whole tummy thing. You can't really tell in this picture but his entire head turned red 'cause he got so mad! While Audrey over there is just having the time of her life. She really got into it today. Kicking her legs up and down and she was keeping her head really steady which is a new thing. I am afraid my bobble head baby is growing up :( She has also started this blowing/spitting thing that is just too adorable. I wish I could catch it on film for you guys but every time I try to put a video on here it just wont work. And Dana even walked me through it one time. Oh well, I am only half computer literate!

And just in case you missed the eclipse last night, here is a blurry picture of it! I sat outside with Jon until 10:00 to watch this thing because I thought it wouldn't happen again for like 50 years. And then right as it is almost totally eclisped, he tells me there will be another one in 2010. If I had known that, I wouldn't have stayed up for the whole thing and needless to say I was a little grumpy at 1:30 this morning when James AND Audrey woke up hungry. Ahhh, Jon and I had a fun time anyway out under the stars. It was crisp and clear and oh so very quiet. I am gonna miss living out here when we finally move.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What is worse than 1 baby wanting to play at 4 a.m.? Yep, that would be 2 babies! This morning they BOTH woke up at 4:00 to be fed and after they ate they wanted to be all cute and play with their mama. I guess they mistook my sleep-filled-one eye-open-frown as a huge smile. Every time they would look at me they would laugh and coo. Who can resist that? Not me. So after I woke them up even more by lauging back and making my own little cooing sounds, when I wrapped them back up and laid them down they continued to talk and coo. And who can sleep through those sweet noises? Not me. Not even when I feel like a truck has ran over me. So after laying there for a good 20 minutes they finally fell back asleep. At which time my stomach started to growl and I knew that would keep me up even longer so I reluctantly got up and ate a huge bowl of Captain Crunch! (at 5:30 a.m.) Yes, I know that's how NOT to loose post-pregnancy pounds, but what can I say. At this point in my life I would rather be well rested (ha) than super skinny. Well, maybe!!
Above are the twins napping at Grandaddy-n-Nonie's and James scooted all the way up until his head was almost touching Audrey's.
Below are me and all the grandkids with my delish b-day cake that Nelda made me. However, I only got 1 piece out of it and it was gone by the next morning. Uhm, me thinks me is related to a bunch of hawgs. And they were all supposed to be on diets. HA!

Audrey's head is not as big as James' so her sunglasses don't stay on as well. And they make her look a little bug-eyed. She prefers to wear just her hat!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"Ol' James, he don't play no reindeer games"Okay, so I stole that quote from Ol' Daddy. I'm sure he won't mind!
James had his checkup with the cardiologist yesterday and everything checked out well! Praise the Lord! I had to send his ekg results to the doc from when he was in the NICCU so he could see if he wanted James to have another and so he could see how big the holes were when he was born. Last week the doctor actually called me himself (first time I have ever had a doc call me directly)after he got the reports to say that they were much smaller than what he had thought when he first talked to us which was great but he still wanted to see him again. So we went in yesterday and Dr. St. Petrey listened to him and said he just couldn't hear any vsd's. But he also said it was probably because James was moving around so much. For some reason James liked the doc and wanted to play with him! Go figure! Anyway, the doc also said that because the holes were small at birth, there is a 85% chance they have already closed up and he doesn't want to see him again for another year! Hooray! We changed insurances (got on with the state from Jon's job!) at the beginning of the year and United is not contracted with a Home Health agencey in the area to come out and give the RSV shots so we had to take them to the pediatrician's office yesterday as well to get those shots. It was very nice to have someone come to our home for the shots but I will sacrifice the convenience for the better insurance! Our copay with Blue Cross for the shots for the both of them was $315. Talk about pinching someone's pocketbook! Thank goodness it is only $40 for the both of them with the new insurance! Even with the price of gas to drive there, it felt like pocket change writing that check yesterday!
They both had to get weighed so the nurse would know how much medicine to give them and unfortunatly they had to get 2 shots a piece this time. But they did excellent as usual! Poor James had to get woken up by the pinch this time which was rather heartbreaking but all he needed was his mama and his pappy and all was well with the world again!
James: 11 lbs and 14 oz.
Audrey: 11 lbs. and 7 oz.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!
These are their Valentine outfits and they were just so darn cute in them I had to share! We are starting to get back to normal round here. They slept from 9:30 to 6:45 this morning with hardly a peep in between. They were all grins and giggles today which has made for a much better day then the last few in the Mizell household. You know the old saying "if mama aint happy, ain't nobody happy"? Very true but lately it has been "if Bubba and Sissy ain't happy, ain't NOBODY happy"! It's okay though, I think I will hang on to them!!

p.s. James and Audrey want to give a shout out to Posh and "David"!!
And they want to know how does it feel being Posh and her husband?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gas, spit up and other things........
I told Jon last night that I am going to start my very own fragrance line. I shall call it Essence of Audrey (a.k.a. puke!) I know that is kinda gross but yesterday I felt like I had been sprayed with a bottle of it all over me. Seemed like everywhere I turned I could smell it. And Sunday we had our 1st official poopie blow out. Mr. James christined the changing table pad, among other things that I had to throw out. Some things are just not worth cleaning nasty poop off of. And they have both been so incredibly gascious these last few days. It stinks and it hurts so they scream out about it (loudly) and I have given them so much gas medicine it probably is having the opposite affect on them now! And Ms. Audrey developed another level to her high pitched screams while we were away. She shreaks now. It is very funny to listen to when you are at least a room away! Oh and by the way, Grandaddy solved the screaming escapades during the burping sessions. So simple, Jon and I both felt like nerds for not thinking of it oursleves: put her pappy in her mouth. Works like magic every time! Now maybe we can preserve our hearing until we are atleast 35!

This is PaPaw, Harrsion, James and Isabella
James in this neat little seat Nonie had
Hannah, Audrey, James and Matthew

This is Hannah when she realized she did not have a bow like Audrey!

And this is Audrey wearing one of Hannah's Princess crowns. She almost fell down out of excitement when Betsy suggested she go get it for Audrey to wear!

Emily, Ryan, Harrison and Isabella came by on their way back from Disney World Saturday and spent the night with us. We had a great time but as I was going through pictures to put on here today I realized we only got one picture while they were here and Audrey wasn't even in it. Sorry guys. Anyway we had so much fun and it was so sweet to see the kids together for the first time! Harrison was concerned as well for Audrey's strawberry. Here is what he asked:
Harrison: Memo (that is what he calls me) who hit Audrey?
Me: Nobody honey, what do you mean?
Harrison: Well why does she have that boo-boo on her head?
I love how kids think about things so seriously! And Issy never stopped smiling. I have never known a child to smile as much as she does! SuSue and PaPaw also stopped by so we had another family reunion! I must say, my children did very well with all the new people and sights that they were exposed to last week!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Home Sweet Home
I don't even know where to begin really. Two weeks ago, my mom came down to help out around the house and take care of the kiddos because me and Jon felt like we were coming down with a cold. We never got to terribly sick but it was a welcome relief to have mama here and basically take over for a few days! It was the first time that anyone has come to help that I totally let them take care of it all! Although I was scared to death that James and Audrey were gonna catch whatever we had, it was kinda nice to feel so bad that I didn't WANT to do anything! Ha, well that didn't last long! Thanks Nanny B for all your help! Last Sunady my mother took me and the twins to my sister's and from there we struck out to Birmingham. My daddy said we were awfully brave to travel at night with just the two of us and 4 children under the age of 4! Thankfully, it never got to terribly bad. Although a few times we both had to go to our "happy place" (if you are a mom you know what that is!) And the one time we had to stop to feed and change diapers it got pretty bad. Bets had to take her 2 in to the bathroom because Matthew had an accident and it got pretty much everywhere. While she was gone, James and Audrey decided they were BOTH hungry and started screaming so loud I thought my ear drums would just go ahead and burst. Screaming children in enclosed spaces is horrible! And when she came back I was sitting behind the steering wheel feeding them both. Don't ask me how I got there, the whole process is still kinda blurry! But we made it in pretty good time and had a wonderful week at Grandaddy and Nonie's!
Below is Grandaddy and Audrey.

Hannah Grace was SO excited to get to be with the twins she could hardly contain herself most of the time. She named herself the "big babysitter" because she got Audrey to stop crying in the car ride over by squeeking a toy in her face! She was very concerned with the strawberry on top of Audrey's head, she thought it was hurting her. And one time she asked me "Aunt Manda, why they put that on her head like that?" I never did find out who "they" are!
James and Audrey experienced their first trip to the mall while in Birmingham! They really had fun looking at all the people and lights and hearing all the noises. Monday mid-morning was a great time to take them since it wasn't to crowded! We had 3 strollers, 4 kids, 2 diaper bags and 4 adults. It was a grand caravan traveling through the mall that day! We got so many "oohs and awwws" it was a great time!

Below is me, daddy, Matthew and the twins getting ready to go into the mall.
We had a busy week and busy weekend with lots of company so I have many more pics and stories to tell! But I don't promise everyday posts. It has been kinda hard to re-adjust to being here, alone all day. And the kiddies aren't to happy with being in their seats or swing just yet. For 2 1/2 weeks now there has been someone around them all the time to help out and hold them, so they are a little unruly today. Audrey hasen't wanted to nap or be put down (she is finally asleep now). James is okay so far today as long as he isn't hungry!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

4 Months Old
I cannot believe how fast the time is passing already with our children. It seems like just yesterday that they were born into this world such scrawny little beings and now they are fat and sassy and growing like weeds. They continue to progress and do new things every day.
On Wednesday, my mom came down because Jon and I both felt like we were getting sick and didn't want to expose the twins to whatever it was we were getting. And on Wednesday night James decided to sleep ALL night for the first time. She said she didn't hear a peep outta either of them until 6 a.m. I was so shocked and so excited! He has done it every night since so I am thinking he has finally crossed that bridge! Right around the time he his going to hit the month mark is when he starts doing new things. And he no longer hates to have his diaper changed (unless he is starving) He will just smile and laugh at me when I lay him down. He has these huge, round eyes that look at you so intensly sometimes and then break out into a huge grin!

And Audrey is still as prim and proper as ever. With that georgous smile and beautiful eyes looking so alive when you talk to her. She does this thing with her mouth when she is watching Baby Einstein that looks like she is trying to talk to it! When you sit her up on your lap, she sits straight as a board like she could sit up on her own but her little bobble head is still moving around! The Lord has blessed them so much in their short little lives and He continues to do so!

Yesterday was my birthday. My 26th birthday to be exact. My precious husband always does my birthday up right for me and this year he took me to the Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant in Tallahassee. We always pass by the Melting Pot wondering how in the world you can make a meal off of fondue since we always thought it was just chocolate! So leave it to my husband to step out and try something new!
It was really cool and I would definitly recomend trying one if you ever get the chance. They put this pot in front of you on a burner and heat it up. Then they bring out the inrgedients for whatever fondue you chose and put it all in and you have to wait for it to melt or bubble, depending on what kind which course you are in. We had cheese fondue first and they brought out cubs of bread and chips to dip in. It was delicious! Then we had salads and then our main course of: lobster tail, shrimp, 2 kinds of steak, chicken, pork, mushrooms, amd raviolli. She mixed this bouillion base in the pot and when it came to a bubble you put whatever kind of meat you wanted on a stick and set it in the pot to cook. It was all really good.

Ahhhhh........dessert. A plate full of strawberries, pound cake, cheese cake, bannanas and marshmellows. We chose a chocolate, caramel and pecan fondue and thought we were gonna go into a sugar-induced coma. We both decided we could have sat there all night and dipped pound cake and cheese cake in chocolate.

This was our first date since the twins were born and we had the best time! My mom kept the kids of course so we had no worries all night. We did our usual after supper: went to Barnes and Noble for coffee and to browse the aisles and then went and saw a movie. You know it is true love when your husband goes to see the chick flick of the century with you and agrees that it really was "cute"! The movies and Barnes and Noble are at the mall so as we were weaving our way through the friday night teenager lalapalooza to get our coffee, I was checking out everyone. Most of them looked to be between the ages of 13 and 16, you know, the really tuff age. Where you are trying to find yourself and fit in with whatever crowd will accept you. You think you are in love with every new girlfriend or boyfriend that you have. The girls were giggling really high pitched, silly giggles and the boys were doing retarded stuff to impress them. I suppose they like shirll noises. And they way some of those girls were dressed......I would have been hung by my toe nails out in the cold had I ever DARED to even think about wearing some of what I saw last night. I wanted to scream "don't you know it is 30 degrees outside, what is wrong with you" But I didn't.
Instead, I squeezed my hubby's hand a little tighter and for the first time in my life I was GLAD that I was another year older!