Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"Ol' James, he don't play no reindeer games"Okay, so I stole that quote from Ol' Daddy. I'm sure he won't mind!
James had his checkup with the cardiologist yesterday and everything checked out well! Praise the Lord! I had to send his ekg results to the doc from when he was in the NICCU so he could see if he wanted James to have another and so he could see how big the holes were when he was born. Last week the doctor actually called me himself (first time I have ever had a doc call me directly)after he got the reports to say that they were much smaller than what he had thought when he first talked to us which was great but he still wanted to see him again. So we went in yesterday and Dr. St. Petrey listened to him and said he just couldn't hear any vsd's. But he also said it was probably because James was moving around so much. For some reason James liked the doc and wanted to play with him! Go figure! Anyway, the doc also said that because the holes were small at birth, there is a 85% chance they have already closed up and he doesn't want to see him again for another year! Hooray! We changed insurances (got on with the state from Jon's job!) at the beginning of the year and United is not contracted with a Home Health agencey in the area to come out and give the RSV shots so we had to take them to the pediatrician's office yesterday as well to get those shots. It was very nice to have someone come to our home for the shots but I will sacrifice the convenience for the better insurance! Our copay with Blue Cross for the shots for the both of them was $315. Talk about pinching someone's pocketbook! Thank goodness it is only $40 for the both of them with the new insurance! Even with the price of gas to drive there, it felt like pocket change writing that check yesterday!
They both had to get weighed so the nurse would know how much medicine to give them and unfortunatly they had to get 2 shots a piece this time. But they did excellent as usual! Poor James had to get woken up by the pinch this time which was rather heartbreaking but all he needed was his mama and his pappy and all was well with the world again!
James: 11 lbs and 14 oz.
Audrey: 11 lbs. and 7 oz.


Emily said...

YEA! Sounds, and looks, like that James is a tough one!

The picture of you and Audrey is gorgeous and you look great..even if I did have to hold my head sideways to look at it. ;)

Kiss those BIG growing babies for me! And a virtual hug is being sent for their awesome mommy too! Love y'all!

Nenie said...
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su said...

God is good! I praise Him for the favor He has bestowed on you and your family. This is it, Kiddos. It don't get no better than this. Ole James definitely doesn't look like he'll play any reindeer games, and Missy is so beautiful looking like the most gorgeous baby girl I've ever seen.

Tara said...

James and Audrey look so adorable in their shades! So thankful that everything checked out with James at the Dr yesterday.

Dianne said...

Hey, 'Manda,

No one will EVAH say to you, "How did you and Jon create such gorgeous babies!" It's so obvious where their gut looks come...and you ARE stunning...the sun and fresh air must be good for you all. The babes in shades are to die for. What sweet creatures... every last one of you.

Glad to hear all the good reports and the GUT insurance. With babies, that's your own private gold mine.

God is AWESOME all the time.

Love you all terrible,

Dianne (-:

Ms. Robin said...

Hello Amanda Grace,
I was looking at the "darlings" and the pictures of their precious family.....and I was thinking........wow! ..........it wasn't THAT long ago that their Mama was little just like they are! Should that make me feel "old" somehow?????? NOOOOOOO Way !!!! (smile)
I am glad that everything is going good in your world......lots of precious moments ahead. Savour them all........and don't blink!
Lots of love from ALL the Howells!
I love you!

Ms. Robin

Becky said...

Wow, __. Simply gorgeous. What wonderful news about James! Don't you just stand in awe of God's grace?????

Brittany said...

I love James cheeks and the bubbles!