Monday, February 25, 2008

Going to church
Well, we finally did it! We finally decided we'd had enough of Daddy having to go to church with out us. The doctor told us 3 months past gestation and March 2 will be 3 months and I figured a week earlier wouldn't hurt anything. So, I fed, dressed, packed and loaded both kids all by myself in an hours time (even managed to dress myself!) and got to Tired Creek before preaching started. Granted, Jon was just about to give the opening prayer but who really cares about the details?! And I carried them both into the building in their carriers ALL BY MYSELF. Oh yeah, that's right, I am SUPER MOM!!!!

James and Audrey did absolutly wonderful and everyone said they didn't even know we had snuck in because they were so quiet! Oh if only it will stay that way! Mr. James put on a show for all the ladies. He is such a crack up. Every time a pretty lady would talk to him he would laugh and show off that beautiful smile. The little flirt! He is definitly going to be an extrovert like Jon and never meet a stranger. Audrey fell asleep right after the handshake so she didn't get to show off her little personality.

Everyone was so happy to get to see them and I didn't even have to swat any hands away. It was such a huge relief to get to be in service with my little family. I finally feel like all the pieces of our lives together are finally in place!


Dana said...

It is so wonderful to see you holding YOUR babies! You look so much like Betsy in that side profile picture it is not even funny. I am sure Jon is relieved to see you and your two little bundles sitting in the pew finally! Praise God for His many blessings. By the way, you look GREAT! You go little mama!
Love you,

the ladner family said...

that is so awesome amanda. i am so proud of you.i am so happy that you finally got to go to Church. i know it has been so hard staying home! They look so cute. I think james is definatly like jon by the looks of it!

Emily said...

Hmmm, keep up the two carrier carrying and you'll have arms bigger than mine! (Scary thought, huh?) ;)

How awesome, awesome that your lives are feeling more normal now!

Amanda said...

So how was church?
I'm still adjusting to the whole idea.
The extra attention is good, but the preacher sometimes stays up there too long.
You guys sure are cute.
Your cousin Toot Toot

su said...

Very, very cool. I am impressed; one day you'll be hauling dinner and children...can't wait for that!

Dianne said...

My sweetest young "married with children"'s...seems we've finally come full circle. After months of semi-isolation and Jon going off to the "preaching house" by himself, God has once again smiled broadly on your family.

I can almost imagine how gut it felt to walk into that House of Prayer, seeing Jon in his "natural" setting, and having James and Audrey adorning your arms more lovely than any jewel will ever appear again.

We are blessed by YOUR blessings. We love you.

Dianne (-: