Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What is worse than 1 baby wanting to play at 4 a.m.? Yep, that would be 2 babies! This morning they BOTH woke up at 4:00 to be fed and after they ate they wanted to be all cute and play with their mama. I guess they mistook my sleep-filled-one eye-open-frown as a huge smile. Every time they would look at me they would laugh and coo. Who can resist that? Not me. So after I woke them up even more by lauging back and making my own little cooing sounds, when I wrapped them back up and laid them down they continued to talk and coo. And who can sleep through those sweet noises? Not me. Not even when I feel like a truck has ran over me. So after laying there for a good 20 minutes they finally fell back asleep. At which time my stomach started to growl and I knew that would keep me up even longer so I reluctantly got up and ate a huge bowl of Captain Crunch! (at 5:30 a.m.) Yes, I know that's how NOT to loose post-pregnancy pounds, but what can I say. At this point in my life I would rather be well rested (ha) than super skinny. Well, maybe!!
Above are the twins napping at Grandaddy-n-Nonie's and James scooted all the way up until his head was almost touching Audrey's.
Below are me and all the grandkids with my delish b-day cake that Nelda made me. However, I only got 1 piece out of it and it was gone by the next morning. Uhm, me thinks me is related to a bunch of hawgs. And they were all supposed to be on diets. HA!

Audrey's head is not as big as James' so her sunglasses don't stay on as well. And they make her look a little bug-eyed. She prefers to wear just her hat!


Dianne said...

Tell me that ain't a "doo rag" James is sporting with those shades! Their sleeping snapshot, head to head, was SO sweet. I wanted a piece of that cake!

I love it that you don't mind getting up and playing with those babies...and eating Captain Crunch. What a GUT life God has blessed you and Jon with. Not without its' potholes and detours but He gave you GUT strong spirits to handle the curve balls.

Love you all, GORGEOUS weather out there today...go play!

Dianne (-:

the ladner family said...

that is too cute! those sunglasses are a killer! i am sorry they aren't sleeping better! maybe they will soon!

Dana said...

How sweet! I think that it is at those moments "the 4:00 a.m. moments that is" that you realize you were made to be a mother. Yes you are tired, yes you are starving for just thirty more minutes of sleep, but all in all you wouldn't trade a whole night's sleep for those few precious moments stolen in the middle of the night with a happy baby! You are doing such a wonderful job, and hey, nothin wrong with a little captain crunch. I am sure you find a way to work it off during the day. They are just getting cuter and cuter Amanda!
Love you guys,

su said...

Personally, cereal is one of my favorite snacks, meal, et., I could eat it anytime, but never have tried it at 5:30 am. Course, I don't have sometihing wonderful to get up for at 5:30! Our grandchildren are more handsome and beautiful everyday. Their daddy and momma ain't bad either.

Becky said...

I should have bought Audrey some Dolce Gabanna shades in NYC!!!! Too cute for words

Amanda said...

Uhm....why didn't you????