Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gas, spit up and other things........
I told Jon last night that I am going to start my very own fragrance line. I shall call it Essence of Audrey (a.k.a. puke!) I know that is kinda gross but yesterday I felt like I had been sprayed with a bottle of it all over me. Seemed like everywhere I turned I could smell it. And Sunday we had our 1st official poopie blow out. Mr. James christined the changing table pad, among other things that I had to throw out. Some things are just not worth cleaning nasty poop off of. And they have both been so incredibly gascious these last few days. It stinks and it hurts so they scream out about it (loudly) and I have given them so much gas medicine it probably is having the opposite affect on them now! And Ms. Audrey developed another level to her high pitched screams while we were away. She shreaks now. It is very funny to listen to when you are at least a room away! Oh and by the way, Grandaddy solved the screaming escapades during the burping sessions. So simple, Jon and I both felt like nerds for not thinking of it oursleves: put her pappy in her mouth. Works like magic every time! Now maybe we can preserve our hearing until we are atleast 35!

This is PaPaw, Harrsion, James and Isabella
James in this neat little seat Nonie had
Hannah, Audrey, James and Matthew

This is Hannah when she realized she did not have a bow like Audrey!

And this is Audrey wearing one of Hannah's Princess crowns. She almost fell down out of excitement when Betsy suggested she go get it for Audrey to wear!

Emily, Ryan, Harrison and Isabella came by on their way back from Disney World Saturday and spent the night with us. We had a great time but as I was going through pictures to put on here today I realized we only got one picture while they were here and Audrey wasn't even in it. Sorry guys. Anyway we had so much fun and it was so sweet to see the kids together for the first time! Harrison was concerned as well for Audrey's strawberry. Here is what he asked:
Harrison: Memo (that is what he calls me) who hit Audrey?
Me: Nobody honey, what do you mean?
Harrison: Well why does she have that boo-boo on her head?
I love how kids think about things so seriously! And Issy never stopped smiling. I have never known a child to smile as much as she does! SuSue and PaPaw also stopped by so we had another family reunion! I must say, my children did very well with all the new people and sights that they were exposed to last week!


Emily said...

WOW! James and Audrey look so grown up sitting on the couch with Hannah and Matthew!

Becky said...

I love that picture of Ronnie with the babies. It says soooo much. You can almost guess what Harrison and Izzy are saying. Keep the pictures coming, Manneo. They really are worth a thousand words.