Thursday, August 14, 2008


My blood work came back and everything was normal (ha, he called any way!) so I am self-diagnosing my self with the following: extreme fatigue(just from being a mom!)
slight dehydration(being to busy to stop and drink enough H2O) and a little bit of a stomach virus that has been going around the county. There, that wasn't hard was it? It never really occurred to me that I could have more than one thing going on with me at a time. I feel better today than I have any this week but I'm still not just right. So, I am going to continue taking it a little easier on myself and drink, drink, drink (water of course) and crawl into my comfy bed at their nap times and read or nap or do the unthinkable and watch t.v. in the middle of the day! I think Amber would say "beast" right about now!

I've put together a little video for y'all of one of Audrey's first times pulling up, a fight over a toy (note: this happened right after the bottle of pink baby lotion incident took place!), James getting up on his knees and James with his infectious laugh this morning at his ole mama. Let me tell you, when your own children think you are funny, well that is just one of the best things in the whole world! And his laugh is like a car wreck that you just can't stop looking at. When he laughs his belly laugh at you, you just have to keep doing what ever it was that made him start laughing!


su said...

After conferring with you last night, I think your diagnosis may be on target, and I recommend complete relaxation at naptime. "Cleaning and dusting can wait till tomorrow, for babies and mamas grow up and get tired, we've learned to our sorrow, so go away cobwebs, dust go to sleep, I'm rocking and relaxing and babies and mamas don't keep."

Dianne said...

Oh, that laugh! Just have to laugh out loud. Sweetest children I ever saw in my life.

I agree with Su. You can't get these moments back...when you can, chill along with the babes.

I self-diagnosis for ages before I see a doctor. Glad your testing was normal...just the yucks.

And, I LOVE your blogsite. Most visited place on the web.

the ladner family said...

Harrison, Issy and I sat here and laughed and laughed. We have to go back and watch all the videos after you post one. Then he looked so sad and said i want a real james and pitiful! We miss ya'll and I hope you get to feeling better manda.

Becky said...

That is SUCH a YouTube clip! I am still laughing just thinking about it.

By the way, is that their first fight caught on tape? You must keep that forever!

Thanks for the day brightener! I can always count on y'all.

The Crettet Family said...

I had a few minutes to log on tonight and I'm glad I did!
(This is my first time blogging!)
J&A are too cute!!!
My kids were cracking up at little James laughing on the video...we had to watch it twice and they wanted more.
Take Care!

Emily said...

Glad you are feeling a little better - I'm guessing most of us would've given way to your "condition" long before 10 months of twindom! You continuously impress me lil mama!

Thank you so much for the video! Eric and I watched it twice last night just giggling. (Please don't tell Eric I said he giggled. Okay?) He thought is was hilarious that the whole time Audrey is screaming her head off, James if just hangin' out, jumpin' around, oblivious to her antics. Too precious! I think we know who the dramatic one's gonna be. Who do you reckon she got THAT from? ;)

And that laugh, oh my goodness, that laugh!

Love y'all!

Rhonda said...

This video clip made my day! Precious, precious children.......

On an added note, your Uncle Franklin was at church Sunday evening and he was showing pictures of your babies!

amber said...

Oh my word, how do you keep from eating him up and swallowing him whole? Seriously! And that Audrey...complete drama queen. Such a girl! :) Way to go on the pulling up.

Dani said...

It's hard to believe how big they are getting. I love watching all the videos of them. They make me laugh.

~sydney~ said...

My mom beat me to it! That uh oh laughing that James does MUST be you tubed! It would be a top video! So funny!