Friday, August 8, 2008

All's well that end's well

So today marks the end of Jon's official first week back at work and I have adjusted much better than anticipated! It is lonely with out him all day (or any other adult to talk to for that matter!) and I am completely exhausted by the time James and Audrey hit the hay. But other than that I got back in the groove with out a hitch!
We started "crying it out" this week. Audrey has taken to it like a duck to water; James however, has not. We rock for just a song or two, then I put him down with pappy and teddy. If he has his eyes closed it takes him long enough for me to get out the door before he starts whaling. If his eyes are open when I put him down he has this look of surprise come over his face and then he starts kicking and screaming. We made progress today at nap time though. No rocking with a few tears and then he was out. He is still waking up a couple times a night but it is starting to not take so long to calm him down without picking him up. Hooray!I rock Audrey for a couple songs too and then put her down and if she isn't asleep she plays between crying fits in her bed. She may sit there playing with her pappies or blankets for 30 minutes before she falls asleep but she does eventually fall asleep on her own! She cries some but is really good at the whole self-soothing thing!
The Lord has really blessed me with 2 children that are exact opposites! He knew how much harder it would be with 2 children that slept like James or moved like Audrey!


Becky said...

I could just mash his cheeks off! What great pictures.

I know it was hard getting back to a routine, but glad y'all are adjusting well. Personally, I'm still crying about having to go back to work! But look at the time...I'm posting at school!!!!

And by the way, I hope baby girl got to go out soon after that picture!

Dianne said...

The first picture with John and James staring out into the ocean is breathtaking. What a journey you and Jon share.

I often say, "I didn't get done being a Mama". So, through your words and photography, Amanda, I am still "virtually" mothering. You do it so well.

I do remember crying it out. And, it, in the words of Mama's since time began, "It hurt ME worse than the child!" But, it was a necessary tool.

May God continue to give you the daily graces that are so evident in your words.

~sydney~ said...

u make me want to just drive to georgia and take them home with me! those pictures r to die for!

su said...

I love the whole "endings" theme in the pictures. Jon and Baby from behind and Audge gazing out from behind. Very nice, Amanda Full of Grace. Love you all....SO MUCH

Kelly Spezzano said...

I hope I will have your strength (with just one baby) to be able to endure the "crying it out phase"... it seems like the most painful thing in the world, yet I know in my mind that it's the best thing for a child as it is his/her depravity kicking in.

Hope it's a short phase for you and a successful one!