Sunday, August 3, 2008

All I can say is "We survived"

As I predicted Destin was not the same this year. Not by a long shot. Instead of wrestling 2 monkeys for the sunscreen, I had a monkey and a cat. James has a holler that can rattle the inside of your brain when you are doing something that he doesn't like but at least he is still. Good grief his little sister WORE ME OUT last week! Putting on sunscreen, changing clothes, taking a bath, eating, you name it and me and Audrey wrestled with it. She isn't even fussing half of the time, she is just constantly wriggling and squirming. Oh my word.
Tuesday afternoon we sunscreened it up and hauled the kids down to the pool where we began the 5 day long event of whining/laughing babies. Audrey of course didn't want to stay in her float at the pool which meant I got to wrestle her in the water, which resulted in lots of nose dives and gaspings for air! Bubby was quite content to stay in his float and play with a new toy, much to his mother's relief! Oh if they were both like Audrey......................

Tuesday evening after Jon got there we took them to the beach. Oh they squealed with delight when they first saw it so we walked close to the water to put their feet in it. Oh boy, if only we'd had the camera rolling when James got his feet wet. He started screaming and shaking and clung to me like a cat to a tree and wouldn't have it any other way except to get away from the loud, rushing water. Poor baby. He even hated the sand. We've got video of Jon pouring sand on his feet and James goes nuts. Needless to say we didn't spend a whole lotta time at the beach this year but he did sit in his Bumbo seat on a towel that was covering the sand one day for a long time. Until Will put some sand in his own hand and as soon as he started bringing it close to James, well he lost it. I think we went in soon after that! It was pitiful for him to be so scared of it but man it was hilarious. I know, I'm a terrible mother. Forgive me!
Audrey didn't like the ocean to much either but she loved the sand! She demonstrates that in the video we took! There isn't too much Miss Pepper doesn't like or can't do for that matter! We didn't get a lot of comfortable sleep that week which translates into: The twins weren't sleeping good so they ended up in the bed with us every night. Oh what fun that was! I did get to go shopping, me and Emily went twice as a matter of fact and got some pretty good deals! And Friday afternoon I left the kids sleeping (with grandparents of course!) and went down to the beach to sit with everyone for a while and enjoy some conversation that didn't have to be shouted or repeated!

All in all we had a great time, even though it wasn't much of a "vacation" for any of the parents this year, and I'm not any taner than I was when I left and I didn't get to read up on Brad and Angie's twins, Harrison and Pearl (Isabella earned a new nick name while at the beach) and the twins really enjoyed playing with each other and that's what really counts, right?!


Beth said...


Bless you heart! Glad y'all survived, looks like you had plenty of entertainment. The video of Audrey is too cute, Becca would so have done the same thing. Poor James, you are not a bad mama, sometimes it is fun to see them have a fit.

We have not been to the beach since Becca has been born, we may go in October. Vacations are just not the same anymore, but the rest of life more than makes up for it!

Take Care,

Dianne said...

Welcome bac-c-c-c-k, Mizell Family. This was NOT your run-of-the-mill beach trip, sounds like.

My sides ached from laughing at the reactions the twins displayed to waves, wind, and sand. That was just too hilarious. And, no, you're NOT a bad Mama. You're a fabulous Mama.

But, James, the SAND? And, Audrey the wiggle-tail. How cute their personalities. You've known this all along, my dear little sister, but, you and Jon have your HANDS full!

It STILL looked fun.

Dana said...

Awesome pictures and story to go behind them. I am so glad that yall had a good time. It is funny how you need a vacation after vacation isn't it!!! Hope to talk to you soon.

Becky said...

In those first few seconds, I was saying to myself, ok out loud, "please eat it, please eat it"...I'm so glad my girl didn't disappoint!

How is James gonna be a surfer dude? He's got some changin' to do!

the ladner family said...

we had so much fun with you guys! I will cherish the memories. I love the video, it is priceless. i hope you can get them sleeping all night. I wanted to call but i didn't want to wake anyone up.

Emily said...

I love that Audrey ate the sand, made a "wow, that's gross" face and then put her sandy hand back in her mouth for one more taste... you know, just in case it was better than she first thought.

So, I guess you can send Miss Audrey down here to spend a week or two on the Brasil beaches with us . . . Mr. James might have to stay home until he can embrace the sandiness though!

Oh, who am I kidding!?! I'll take 'em both any day. ;)

The end of the year just can't get here soon enough so I can come visit MY babies!