Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More Changes

We have had a great couple of days around here! We ALL were relieved to finally be at home for a while without another trip looming in the distance and the twins have just been in the best mood. We've made some transitions this week; good ones but sad ones. I decided it was time for them to have their own room (the week before the beach Mr. James was awful at night time; that's what prompted the move) so when me and the kids got home Saturday, Jon had already moved James' crib to the guest room (his was the easiest to come down, that's how I decided who would move!) which left a HUGE empty space in the nursery, uh Audrey's room. My bad.All I could think about was the first night we brought them home and how little they were, all swaddled up in their blankets with hats on their heads that barely fit them. They hardly took up any space on that big mattress! I couldn't help but cry when I thought about how I slept in the single bed in their room and Jon insisted on sleeping on the floor by the their cribs all night. He is such a good daddy! That night we were so tired but all the tiredness in the world couldn't have squashed the excitement and happiness we felt on that night.

They are growing up so fast and changing every second of every day. We have rough patches, as all parents do. But 1 good day can make up for 10 bad ones! And the contentment and joy that was in our hearts on that first night is still there and it only grows with each passing moment!


Becky said...

Tear jerker! How precious that Audrey is still above James kicking him in the head (that little scene wasn't lost on me). Thanks for making me smile through tears. I needed this one today!

su said...

Me, too, Betsy. I really needed that one too. How wonderful!!!

Dianne said...

Your recall is to cry for...or over. What beautiful words for such an awesome experience you and Jon share, daily, as you watch the twins evolve into such darling little people.

Jon on the floor, you on the twin bed in the babies' nursery their first night home.

'Manda, what a gift you have. I've said this before. Each posting brings more of this gift to light. This could be a best seller, I think. But, for sure, a play-by-play account of their lives to share with them when they're old enough to appreciate the journey.

Love you all bunches.

Dana said...

Goodness they really do grow up way too fast! How awesome it is to cherish these moments Amanda. These are truly the best years of our lives!

~sydney~ said...

that video had EVERYTHING in it! rolling over, feeding themselves, sitting up, laughing, crying...u name it!!! so so cute! i miss those babies! our birthday is coming up soon!!!!