Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Do you know the muffin man? We do!

Back in the early Summer Audrey started dancing when ever she would hear music. Didn't matter if it was on the t.v., a toy or us singing to her, she would dance. While in Hattiesburg Ms. Sue and Nenie and Becky sang the Muffin Man to Audrey and she would dance to it. Everyone just went nuts because when Jon was about the same age he started dancing to the muffin man in the exact same way Audrey does it. Nenie told me it was after her and Papa's house had burned down and Ms. Sue, Mr. Ronnie and Jon went up there to live for a few months and help re-build their house. Choking back her tears, she said Jon dancing to the Muffin Man was the only thing that brought joy to them in those days right after their loss. So, needless to say watching Jon's own child do the exact same thing that brought so much joy to their hearts all those years ago is priceless!

Bet y'all didn't know I could sing so good, huh?! I plan on cutting my very own nursery rymes album next month! Just think, y'all can say "I knew her way back when"!!


Jeremy Sarber said...

That's beautiful. I'd buy the album.

Becky said...

Takes me back...what a day brightener!
Thanks for the shout out!
BTW, don't they have a bday coming up soon? Any party plans?????

Nenie said...

Wow,Mannio! You really know how to draw the briny tears. What sweet memories that calls to mind! And James can say DADADADA. Thank you for your thoughtful sharing and caring.

Love Nenie.

Dianne said...

'Manda, Girl, you got talent!

I listen, occasionally, to the hymns recorded on Mt.Zions' website and I hear you distinctly in the chorus of It Is Finished.

And, the babies were BORN showing out.

Happy Wednesday. Love these blogs!

Amanda said...

Well, I was trying to make fun of myself; guess I should of mentioned that the title to my album will be "When a country girl sings nursery rymes"!

Thanks for the compliments though!

su said...

Way to go,Audge, you and brother had a tough act to follow, but you did it!

~sydney~ said...

how cute! i miss them so much! i say we have a triple bday party for the 3 of us together! Anyone in?!?! and mannio....tryouts for american idol are coming up!