Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mystery Illness and Free Advertisement

On Sunday I came down with some sort of mystery illness. I have three very distinct symptoms that have made me feel like I am dying at times but together they don't point to any one thing. I went to the doctor Monday expecting to get a diagnosis along with a prescription to make it all go away but instead I got: "Okay I can tell you what I think it could be Ms. Mizell 1. Your thyroid is out of whack 2. Your anemic 3. You have some sort of viral infection that you'll just have to wear out. So I want you to go across the street to the hospital and get some blood drawn to check for the thyroid and the anemia. I'll call you if anything comes back abnormal."

Wow. Not only did I not want to hear the word think from the guy who went to MEDICAL SCHOOL for 8 years, I reeeeely didn't want to hear "I'll call if anything is abnormal." How about you call me any way doc, instead of just letting me go through the rest of my life wondering what in the heck was wrong with me that week in August 2008.
Notice anything out of the ordinary in the picture above? Yeah, Audrey doesn't have a diaper on! Monday evening while daddy was in charge Audrey had what he called "a bomb" and he decided to let her crawl around without a diaper after he cleaned her up. I'm not sure what his logic was for that moment of insanity but her naked hiney sure was cute popping up in the pictures he took that night! (She only pee-peed once on the carpet he said! Nice.)

I am now the proud owner of the Superyard XT(plus extensions!). With my roaming daughter and soon to be roaming son I desperately needed something to keep them contained so they wouldn't hurt themselves the second I turn my head. But I needed the containing thing to be large so they would have plenty of room to move about and not realize they were confined. Enter Superyard XT.
All together they have 34.4 square feet to roam around on and I can breathe easier now when my hands are other wise engaged! Best money I've spent on gadgets for them so far!


Dianne said...

Hey, 'Manda,

New "decor". I like this "parchmenty" type effect.

LOVED being "mooned" by that little booty. Sweet cheeks!

The play "yard" is wonderful! I used to keep my children "penned" up in their playpens while I cleaned house or other things where I couldn't keep a constant eye. Felt guilty...small little world those playpens. LOVE the HUGE area and the safety.

Hope you'll feel better, Little Sister. May God follow your bloodwork to a definitive diagnosis that an iron pill will fix.

Love you true,

Beth said...

Hey Amanda,

Hope you can find out what your mystery illness was/is! I love the play yard, that is really neat.The babies are cute as ever and growing like weeds!

Take Care,

Emily said...

Any bets on how long it takes Miss Audrey to figure out how to climb fences? I'm going with 9 weeks. ;)

Hope you feel better soon. Do you think it might be one of those 9 month illnesses? Oo-oo, I know, you could shoot for triplets this time! {ducking to take cover as I expect something to be hurled towards my head}

His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

I agree with Emily, next thing you know they will have figured out how to escape...with 2 in there one can be the boost guy for the other;-)

the ladner family said...

i am so sorry that you were sick! that is a bummer. But i agree with emily, my bet is on three weeks for the great escape! but i always said that i wanted one of those but never got one, they look really great!

Anonymous said...

Okay - see, everyone...I really DO read Amanda's blog...I just talk to her so much, I don't like to repeat myself here. Anyway...I had to respond to both Emilys - I'll take that bet, but I give her 4 weeks to learn how to scoot under it just enough to get a hand or maybe even her head stuck so that Amanda has to keep running in there and rescuing her every few minutes! Amanda - get ready...Hannah already has an itenerary planned! Love you all! Betsy

Amanda said...

HAHA ladies. HAHA. Now I am beginning to think that the superyard xt is not so "super". It never crossed my mind that they could learn to crawl over it one day until you all were SO KIND as to bring that to my attention! Thanks!! :)

Amanda said...

And oh yeah E.T. I deserved the nine month virus jab! but honestly did you have to take it one step further and throw in the triplet shot? Geez. :)

Emily said...

Hey, all I'm saying is "YOU STARTED IT!!!" ;)

(And in my defense, once you set the standard so high by having 2 fabulous babies, well, we've got to raise the stakes somehow. hehehe)