Friday, August 9, 2013


This morning came and went quicker than I had anticipated and the emotions were much different than they were at their 1st day of preschool. It was all comfortable, kinda like putting on your favorite pair of comfy socks. They were excited, mind you, but not with the anticipation of starting for the very 1st time. I'm glad for that. I was a little worried that James might not be so keen on it; he's been worrying about this homework stuff he's heard about from his cousins and a few teachers. Poor dude. He's even propositioned me a few times to let him skip kindergarten and just do 1st grade twice. That way he wont have so much work to do. For true. But he was cool this morning and one of his best little buds is in his class, not to mention his sister. Who still by the way is NOT one of his best friends. She's his sister, for crying out loud.

Olivia was excited to take them to school this morning and even talked Audrey into giving her her old backpack this morning so she could take it to school too!! Sweetness. She wore it the whole time we were there and kissed them goodbye, waved to every one and was all smiles until we got in the car and she realized what had just happened. I had to hear about Audrey and James back at school the whole ride home and that she

She was pretty depressed after we got home and very snarky so we went for a walk. But that didn't lift her spirits at all so I asked if she wanted to go home and paint and that was the winning ticket!! We had a pretty good morning after that. We played and played and played. And now I am tired, tired, tired. I forgot how exhausting it is to entertain a 2 year old. I better get myself together!!


Becky said...

first day of kindergarten! How can this be???????????????????

Emily said...

Audrey has grown 3 inches since I saw her last! They both look so big. I hope they had a great day!

Sam and Nelda said...

Sweet James, the thinker! He'll love kindergarten~

You right mom, get with it~ Can't do less for little bit~!