Thursday, August 22, 2013

For convenience sake

For the last few months now Olivia has been interested in using the potty and wearing panties. This made me very excited because I remembered how easy her big sis was to train and I just knew if she was already interested it would be a breeze.


I knew that Summer time was not the time to do it so I said when the twins start back to school I will tackle it. So, last Friday I did. As soon as she got her minnie mouse panties on she had to go so, she went in her potty!! Oh so easy this is going to be, I said to myself!! Ha. Ha. Ha.

She had around 6 or 7 accidents that morning, one including the good old poopy kind. I would ask her if she had to go and she would say "No. I done." Meaning "I already went in the potty crazy lady. Why would I do it again? Quit asking me."

By the time it was the time to go get James and Audrey she had started telling me, "No, I not! I done!!!"

After a few days of this I've decided that she's not ready. Actually, she's just too busy for it. I mean, who wants to stop what they are doing to get up and go to the bathroom? It's so much easier for her the way things are. I've also decided that she's not going to be as easy as her big sis. Not by a long shot.

This is what the potty gets used for the most times in a day. A stool.
At least she thinks out side the potty, errr box, right?


Sam and Nelda said...

She IS SO adoreable!!! So what if she doesn't WANT to go in the pottie! Good for her! She can see and reach up on the bar!

Poor Nonie that Needs to see her...

Sam and Nelda said...

Pic with her long hair kinda looks like Hannah...

Becky said...

You are ONE SMART MAMA, manny. Love to you all.

Emily said...

Olivia might be of the strong-willed variety like my dear little Lilian. If I ever asked her to go potty, she refused, and would pee herself or the floor within 5 minutes. The day I just left a light on in the bathroom and everything ready for her to go potty, but never mentioned it? She took herself the entire day and never had a single accident nor did she ever request help. If you leave the little cutie to her own device, and she just might surprise you! :)