Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A little bit of this

Getting up at 5:30 a.m. is H.A.R.D. but it pays off in more ways than one. I hope I can keep it up. Why oh why is it so hard to be good??? It's only morning #3 and I still have lots to catch up on but I feel a nice routine settling in. And this I like!

One of those things to "catch up on" is of course blogging. Today I will attempt a short run through of the two weeks we were in New Orleans. My sister and her children came for a few days and we did lots of fun stuff while she was there. Of course, we went to the French Quarter!! This day we went on a Sunday evening and met up with Jon's brother Will and his wife, Angela. Thank goodness they were there too as I was feeling a little too big for my britches thinking I could go down there and park all by my little self. After all, Jon and I had spent 3 days downs there walking all over creation and by the time we left I was feeling extremely confident about my French Quarter directional instinct. Until I had to try and find a parking lot/space. After about 10 minutes of going in circles, the kids finally caught on to what was happening and started complaining. So I called William, he came and met us on a corner, we all pilled out and he jumped in and found a great parking spot with in like 50 seconds.

A few of the days we were in the Crescent City were actually quiet. On the Friday that my sister was coming into town, every one was at work and Jon had left to go back to GA for the weekend for church and during nap time I snuck around taking pictures of James and Audrey while they were out side playing. I figured out how to to turn the beep noise off the camera because it was seriously ruining my game. I could never sneak up on any body; the beep always gave me away right before the shutter released. I put my telephoto on and had a good time catching a few shots form inside the house until they saw me and started yelling at me to "STOP TAKING OUR PICTURE!!!!" So I went out side around the house where they couldn't see me. I got a few there and then James threw a Frisbee over the fence and they concocted a plan to go retrieve it. I followed them. It was hilarious listening to the 5 year olds seriously think about how they were gonna scale that fence. I got busted soon after though and had to help them try and find the Frisbee. Which we never did, by the way! Then they went back to catching lizards. Paw Paw and Su Su's back yard this Summer was a hot bed for lizards. I've never seen so many. The kids had so much fun catching them. It is a great memory for them!!


Sam and Nelda said...

Great, great pics! Especially Hannah and Audge. So glad ya'll got to make these memories in N'Orleas~

Becky said...

ditto, Nelda!!