Thursday, August 15, 2013

Baby Chicks

Ever told your kids something in the moment that you didn't really realize the effect it could have months down the road? No? Well, I have. And it involves eggs and chickens.

A while back, like months and months ago, Audrey and James were sitting at the bar eating some hard boiled eggs. I was feeling rather chippy that day and when Audrey asked me where eggs came from I told her chickens. And when she asked me what eggs were I told chicks. I Know. I know. I said it with a sly grin but the horror that immediately came across both their faces (but especially Audrey Grace's) let me know that saying that was probably not my brightest moment. By a long shot.

I quickly tried to correct my mistake but the damage had been done. Apparently. In that moment they seemed to somewhat understand that it wasn't really a baby chick that they had just devoured and have not mentioned it since then (that I remember anyways). And they have eaten hard boiled eggs and scrambled eggs and fried eggs plenty of times since then.

What's the problem you ask? Well, technically there is not really a problem but after this mornings conversation that involved their 2 year old sister this time, if I hadn't already I'm really, really wishing I'd never said the words "baby and chick" in reference to an egg.

I had fixed the twins hard boiled eggs and butter toast for breakfast. They were in there chomping away when I heard Audrey say something about the yellow part being a baby chick and she wasn't going to eat it. I tried to ignore it but Jon walked in about that time and was like "What?" He had a few things to say and wanted to know where in the world they had heard that. I must of looked like the 2 year old admitting to eating all the oatmeal cookies when I very sheepishly said "Well, they might have heard that from their mother." He just looked at me and busted out laughing and said "good job mom!" Of course this was in the kitchen and the kids were in the dining room. Olivia was sitting at the table this whole time and when Jon was about to leave (breakfast bowl in hand containing his hard boiled eggs) Olivia did her usual yelling "Kiss!! Kiss!!"and was running to find Jon. He knelt down to kiss her and as he pulled away she looked in his bowl and said "NO!!!! I want the baby chick!!!! Baby chick!!! I want it!!!! Pwease!!!!!!!

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Becky said...

Thank goodness I don't eat baby chicks. Never have. I can barely eat cake.
BUT, you and Jon might just be the best parenting combo that ever lived. Y'all crack me up. Pun intended.