Friday, August 23, 2013

How could I?

How could I forget to include in the post from yesterday probably the cutest picture ever taken of this little muffin! This child has the cutest little thighs and hiney cakes ever! She's built so differently from James and Audrey. They both have slim legs and things. She's got tight ones. It's totes adorbs.

I had the thought last night that I really need to be including my Project Life photos on this blog as well.  Just for safe keeping! I will probably add 4 or 5 at a time. Not post them here every day like I do Facebook. But here is the one from yesterday's project and a few others I took at the store! I know people think I am crazy walking around taking pictures while grocery shopping but the store has some amazing documentary photo ops!!


Sam and Nelda said...

She is built like a Bryant! Thick ill legs!

Looking forward to all the pics! She's such a big girl helping mom!!!

englishaubs said...

I needed to see that first pic this morning. Priceless. Thanks for once again making my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

englishaubs said...

englishaubs strikes again