Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blue makes you big

Remember the post 2 years ago about Audrey not wanting to go in by herself to dance class and what an ordeal it was? Remember we were already like 20 minutes late coming from the doctor? I should of labeled all my posts so it would be easy to find things cause I'd like to link that post up here but I can't find it. And I do not have all morning to look for it. So I am hoping that you all will remember so you can laugh and cry along with me today. Ok, you probably wont cry cause I didn't but I sure thought about it!

Yesterday was a whirlwind afternoon: Pick kids up from school, bring home and eat snack, help Audrey dress for ballet, take Audrey to ballet, come home, do homework with James, fix supper, do homework with Audrey, eat said supper, rush out door for PTO.

So, I had to drop Audrey off at the studio and go home. When I pulled up to the door she said "I am going in by myself?" I said "Yes ma'am" and she said "Oh yay! Yay!" And grabbed her bag, hopped out of the car marched over to the door and pulled that big old door open all by herself and marched in. She never looked back either. Sigh.


englishaubs said...

oh no.

englishaubs said...

who is englishaubs??? hhaha meant Becky

Sam and Nelda said...

Good for Ms. Audrey! Her momma is raising independent, not clingy, helpless children!!!

Sorry, no tears from me!