Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The picture above is what our bed looked like last night minus the dad and instead of 1 baby it was 2 almost 5 year olds. Jon retreated upstairs last night because of his “funny sleep habits” but I think he just wanted to avoid this whole scenario. Btw, I can and will dedicate an entire blog post to my husbands “funny sleep habits” one day. He’s ridiculous.

Needless to say last night was rough. I had Jon check the baby at 10:00 before he went to bed but that was a mistake. He woke her up by pulling her blanket out from underneath her so he could cover her up. We had a lesson about all the other blankets that are in her room on a shelf just waiting to be used in moments such as this. I think he will remember next time. But we decided there wont be a next time. I will check on her from now on.

Somewhere around 1:30 Audrey climbed in the bed with me. Or should I say butted up right next to me. I knew it was her when her hair landed on my face. I turned and moved over a little in the hopes to have some personal space. Puh-lease. About 2:30 James came in. I knew it was him when he climbed up right beside me, curled in a ball with his bony behind poking my side and started very loudly saying “Mama!! I am cold!!! I’m cold!!!” Pull the covers on you, SON!! Was my grumpy reply to which he said “No. I don’t want to. You do it.” OH boy. Now the bible says we are to “Put off all anger and wrath” and “Put on bowels of mercies, meekness and forebear one another.” Well, it’s hard to do that when your son (how ever darling and cute he may be in the day light) wakes you up and demands that YOU put covers on HIM because he got cold walking from his bed to yours!! I pulled the covers up (like a good mama) but let him know that this was the last time he is allowed in my bed in the middle of the night. I got up 3 more times; 2 with Olivia because for whatever reason she kept waking up calling out. When I went in there I found  a bright light coming from her monitor. Apparently some things got moved around that had been covering the light up and APPARENTLY the child shares one of her fathers “funny sleep habits” which is she has to have her room completely dark or she can’t sleep. The last time I got up about 4 was to take the twins back upstairs. I couldn’t take the feet and knees and elbows any more. I am all for my kids getting in the bed with me when they are scared or just want to be near me. I wasn’t allowed to do that as a kid so that has caused me to be a little more lenient on the matter. But after last night, I am putting a ban on co-sleeping during the week nights! Fo’real.

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Becky said...

ok this one made me laugh so hard, I know I'll be reading it several more times throughout the day...favorite paragraph is the one about the lesson in extra blanket finding. Great way with words, Manny. Hilarious