Thursday, September 6, 2012

Burn baby burn

At 4:30 this morning sweet Olivia woke up crying. It’s not unusual for her to cry out in the middle of the night just loud enough for you to think something is horribly wrong and then stop crying just as suddenly as she started. But this morning she sounded different for what ever reason so I got right up to check on her. When I picked her up the poor baby was burning with fever. She has only ran a fever a couple of times in her short little year and I just hate it when she’s sick.

I gave her some Tylenol and rocked her till I felt her fever go down a little bit. She was still restless after about 30 minutes so I got a cool rag and put it on the back of her neck. At first she didn’t like it too much but after a couple times of her swatting it away and me putting it right back she either gave up fighting me because she doesn’t feel good or decided that it really did feel good to her hot neck. Soon after that she was back asleep and I gladly crawled back in the bed only to lay there with my mind spinning with thoughts of having to get up in 30 minutes to start the day. Then I remembered that I had forgotten to go to the store for bread and drinks for school lunches and that was that on the ever going back to sleep. Olivia woke up a few minutes later any way.

I got her up and got back in my bed with her and she laid on my chest for a minute or two and would whisper “mama” every 30 seconds or so. Sweet, sweet girl. Jon said yesterday when he had her outside for me so I could finish getting supper ready (we were having company) they were exploring all sorts of things and every now and then she would whisper my name. Sweet baby loves her some mama. Jon gets so put out by it!!! I remind him though that in a few short years he’s probably going to be the favorite. It doesn’t seem to help much in the moment.

Olivia did fall asleep on the way back from dropping the kids at school but only slept for about 30 minutes. She has been attached to me all morning and even rode on my hip while I vacuumed upstairs. Which, by the way, is no easy feat to vacuum all that carpet with a 20 pound rock on your body. But, I did it. I figured it would be the only seriously productive thing I will accomplish to day. Her temp went up a little while ago and I gave her some more Tylenol and then she laid on the couch and watched Elmo while I started blogging. Something my very active 14 month old has NEVER done. Hers really don’t feel good.

On another note, Audrey did fine yesterday with James. Jon said he stopped to get her a biscuit but she didn’t eat a bite of it and didn’t make a peep on the way ride there. When they got there, she wanted him to walk her in so he did. But when they got to her door, she hung her back pack up and walked in her class room with out looking back. Now, had that been me dropping her off, you would of had to peel her off of me. Another example of why kids need daddy’s around. Ms. Amy (the parapro) said Peach was a little weepy most of the day but no major incidents!!


Becky said...

Peach can be tough when she needs to be!!!!!
I love your language in these posts...always so visual. I can see you running that vacuum with baby girl on your hip! Too cute. Miss y'all more than you can imagine.

the ladner family said...

Ahhhh poor baby ! I tried to call you twice yesterday to check on everyone. I really can't imagine why you didn't answer, since you have nothing to do !!!! :) I kid. But seriously im so sorry yall have been sick.