Friday, September 21, 2012

Our week day

We have finally gotten into a pretty good weekday routine around here. Finally. School started and I was trying to find my way and just about the time things were settling in the kids got sick. All of them. And they stayed sick for about 3 weeks straight. And having a doctor that is a good 45 minute drive away really throws a kink in the day or the week if you have to go more than once. Which I did. Any who, things are looking up and the last 5 mornings have been really good mostly because of the beautiful weather. It’s cool enough to go outside and stay outside with out getting attacked by mosquitos!

Olivia and I take James and Audrey to school and get home between 7:45 and 8:00, depending on what time I got out the door to take them. We eat breakfast when we get home, usually eggs or blueberry waffles. Sometimes both. And lately Olivia has been eating hers while watching Mickey Mouse, her favorite thing to watch. That gives me time to get something done that’s hard to get done with her at my heels. Then we go outside and play, play, play. She loves to slide and swing although the swinging only lasts for a few minutes, she’d much rather be running around moving than sitting still! Then we find birds and squirrels and kick her ball around. Then we walk to the front yard and go up and down the steps and try to pick the blooms on my impatiens and we hopefully look for a dog from across the street to come out for his walk. We scream at a few cats and scare them back across the street. All the while running around jabbering non stop. Seriously. She is never quiet!! Then it’s time to get in the wagon and go for a walk around the neighborhood. She has had to learn to like it and I have had to learn just how long she will ride. Again, she doesn’t not like to be sitting still! Oh how I remember pulling James and Audrey around for what seemed like hours. They LOVED to sit and ride in that

I have got to work on achieving catch lights!! If her eyes weren’t
so dark this picture would be perfect. Or save up enough money
to buy PhotoShop!

Weeeee!!! Is her new thing to say. Along with Go!!
I had to teak the 1, 2, 3 GO to Ready, Set, Go
because when I get on to her and start to count, she smiles
and says GO!!!

After our walk we come in, get some juice and then she is content to play by herself while I get some more things done. Or at least try to! She eats lunch between 11:30 and 12:00, just depending on the mood. She eats in her chair watching Mickey. I have recently discovered that she eats MUCH better if she is sitting in front of the t.v. Believe it or not but it’s true. When she’s not watching the t.v. she’s too concerned about getting out of the chair and running around so she doesn’t eat much. But if the t.v. is on she will sit there and eat every last bite on her tray and then some.

After lunch she takes a nap. And since she has moved back into the twins old room, she sleeps longer. I think because it’s darker in there. She’s gotten back to taking at least 1 1/2 hour to 2 hour nap. You just don’t even know how much that has helped getting me back on track around here. Of course our days don’t always go just like this but when they do, the days are perfect! Again, I am enjoying being home with Olivia. Just me and her. And when James and Audrey come home in the afternoons, I feel like I am a much calmer, more rational mother to them. The Lord is blessing us!


Nelda said...

Good for you and Olivia. Now it's her turn to have Momma all to herself!
Loved the pics... She looks so cute in that cute little outfit.

Becky said...

Oh what fun! Does Jon bring the twins home, or do y'all go back out to get them? Love thinking about your day