Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Not so Peachy

Add some tears, a lot of tears, and this would be the face that was staring back at me this morning as I was shutting the door to her daddy’s truck. Poor little Peach had to go to school with out her side kick this morning and she was broken hearted. I was broken hearted. Her daddy was broken hearted. I hated to have to send her off but she wasn’t running a fever and was all chipper and excited this morning. Until she found out she was going to school with out her Bubba. I hope she does okay. This is going to be the longest day for me; wondering how she is doing. This day I will be counting down the hours until it’s time for pick up. My sweet Peach. Being a parent is tough sometimes.

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Becky said...

OH I'M SO SAD, TOO! I love how close they are, and I think often of what a blessing it is that they have each other. What a tough day this is for them both! (and you and Jon)
Tell Bubs to fight off whatever he's got, and let's get back to normal! I'm too old for this trauma