Thursday, September 13, 2012


 Ernie is the class mascot for James and Audrey’s pre-k class and yesterday was James’ turn to bring him home and take care of him over night. He was given strict instructions to not get him dirty and be sure to bring him back the next day so that some one else can have a turn. Oh to of had a picture of the boys face when he got in the van yesterday proudly carrying Ernie. He was sooo excited. I was happy for him but I must admit I was a little freaked out because it’s a stuffed animal and, well, lets be honest little bugs can live in those things. Thankfully James was the 2nd kid to take him home and the girl who had him before looks like a pretty “clean’ kid (but I mean that really doesn’t matter) but when Audrey gets to bring him home, you can bet that Ernie will be sprayed down and put in the dryer before he goes upstairs. Don’t understand? Good. You don’t want to.

Any who, James brought Ernie to the table for snack and supper. He sat with him while he got a breathing treatment. He even slept with him (trying not to freak here) last night. They were attached at the hip all afternoon and night. But guess where Ernie was this morning on the way to school? Yep, at home. Still asleep in James’ bed. So guess who did a U-turn on the highway to go get him? Yep, I did!

They kinda look alike here!

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Becky said...

If I was a lot younger, I would declare we were separated at birth. I didn't get past the second sentence before I started itching! That's really so cute, though. James looks sooo happy. Tell him we're proud of him!!!