Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Minnie Mouse

Funny how one little stuffed animal can cause so many emotions. I mean it’s just a stuffed animal! But after all the kids were in the bed the other night and I was cleaning up play land, aka the living room, this little stuffed animal almost caused me to have an emotional break down. Seriously. I can barely stand to even look at it now. It represents so many things to me. The most cutting one being that my baby is quickly growing into, well, not a baby. And that just means my other two are growing just as fast. You never know what the Lord has in store for you but more than likely Olivia Ray will be the last baby to join our family. There are so many different stages in life and when you are young and just starting out, I think that fact gets lost on you. I know it did for me. For so long it felt like things would always be the same at our house. That we would always have crazy wild babies that caused you to have monumental stressed out moments at the end of each and every day. Bath/bed time with the twins used to be the most horrible time of the day. That lasted for a little less than 3 years and then all of a sudden, the kids can bath themselves, dress themselves for bed, and brush their own teeth. Basically stress free! Bath/bed time with Olivia isn’t so stressful but she does require a lot more attention at that time of the day, she is super fussy so I usually end up playing with her until it’s bed time. I am glad that I do that too because before I know it her days of crawling around on the floor playing with Minnie Mouse and her piano and me digging random little objects out of her mouth will be a thing of the past. Before too long, it will be time for Olivia to give up the bottle. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? This past year has flown by to incredibly fast. It feels like I was just big and pregnant and having a hard time breathing outside because it was so stinkin hot. And now my baby is fastly approaching her 1st birthday. I don’t like getting older for the simple fact that time seems to slip away faster and faster. And soon my children wont want to be right up under my arm while I am sitting on the couch writing about them, making it very hard to move. And they wont end up in the bed with us in the middle of the night only to wake me up and say “mama you keep taking my spot. move over.” I must admit though that I might not miss that part so bad. James and Audrey will be attending preschool this coming August and even though we (me and the twins. their daddy aint so happy bout it, makes him sad) are beyond excited for this new chapter in their lives, it’s the beginning of the end. Once they start school, there’s no going back. Before I know it they will be graduating. *sniff sniff* See, Minnie represents so much! 


the ladner family said...

Okay u just started my day off great !!! it only gets worse as I'm sure Beck will be sure to tell ! But seriously how is isabella almost done with kindergarten ! The last picture of olivia is to die for ! she looks different, I don't know what it is maybe not so babyish anymore ?!?

Becky said...

I'm crying now. And I'm at work. You're a smart woman for recognizing it as needed.

Amanda said...

Becky, I had you in mind as I was writing this. Thinking about Sydney graduating high school in 2 weeks and what that must feel like. I can only imagine the flood of memories you have going on right now.