Thursday, May 24, 2012

11 Months


11 months already. Man this month has flown by! We’ve been so busy lately and since Summer is upon us we wont be slowing down any time soon. You finally cut another tooth today (or during the night). Top right chomper. This time it really bothered you. You have been way more fussy, ran a fever for about 72 hours and did not sleep well at night. And it took almost a week for it to finally push through. But, I still love you.

Your little personality has really started to shine this past month. You have always and I believe will always be very loving, very affectionate. You don’t mind letting us love on you and kiss you and snuggle you. Me and daddy that is. You are about over James and Audrey and all their shenannigans and quite frankly I don’t blame you. I was over it about 6 months ago! You will give us kisses (sometimes) when we ask you to. And you have a wonderful sense of humor. Which will bode very well for you in this crazy family! You crack us up all the time laughing at James and trust me, he loves every single second of making you laugh!

You are not only loving and sweet and have a great sense of humor but you also have a little temper. And I’m not sure where in the world you could have gotten it from. You do not like it if we take something away from you. No ma’am. And you have this little screech. It’s like a monkey. And it’s loud. But, we wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world. And we are all very sad that you are growing up so fast and are no longer our tiny baby.

Today while I was playing with you, I was stacking these little books to make a tower for you. You sat and watched and when I was done you patiently took each one off till they were all down. You didn’t knock it over like most babies your age. And you did this every time I built the tower.
I love you, Olivia Ray Mizell, to the moon and back.

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