Friday, May 25, 2012

In case nobody has noticed, I’ve been behind on my blogging these days. Really behind and even though I’ve been sure to keep up with Olivia’s monthly letters, I feel a little guilty  for not documenting more of her first year the way I did with the twins. I know, I know, my life is way different now then it was with them and it’s very hard to find time to do much these days. Well, to do it all any way. But, in the fall when the kids start preschool *sniff* I hope to carve out some time and get back to blogging on a regular basis!

For Mother’s Day weekend, Jon’s parents and grandmother came to visit. It’s become a tradition actually for the 3 of them to come on this weekend. They have done it 4 years in a row! Hope they keep it up! We had a great time, as usual. They got in late that Friday night and about 30 minutes later than they should have. They were driving right along, deep in conversation and they drove right past the road to turn on off the Hwy from Tallahassee and ended up in Bainbridge. Ha! But they got here nonetheless and we had a good laugh about it! We went to church the next morning, out to eat lunch and then Audrey and I jetted to the dance studio for her recital pictures. Now THAT was a crazy time! It’s sort of a small place and there were so many people in there! Some of the older girls were practicing  in the studio part and Audrey and some of her little friends stood at the door and watched in awe while us moms waited to see and order our pictures. Audrey did not want to leave. I think she’s gonna get totally into this ballerina stuff! She had her last regular class for the year last Thursday.

Jon and I are going on a little get away down to Orlando next week. Just the two of us. For 3 whole days. AND we are going to Epcot. Yes, with out the children. Don’t judge. You know you are jealous. Anyway, my dear sweet mother in-law is coming to keep the chirren. Audrey’s recital is next Saturday and she was coming for that any way so we figured she wouldn’t mind coming a few days early. I am so glad she doesn’t mind! However, I am new to this whole kids in activities things and it never crossed my mind once when we were planning our trip that Audrey would have a dance rehearsal before a recital. Not once. How dumb am I? Her rehearsal is on Wednesday so SuSu will be in charge of that. I’m a little bummed that I wont be there but my consolation is that it will be a sweet memory for grandmother and granddaughter! especially since they don’t get to be together that often.

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Nelda said...

AWE...Love this post! Love that you all can have this "Mother's Day Memory" every year!

Such a blessing that Susu can come and take watch the crew AND be there for Audrey's first recital!

Hope Mom and Dad are having such much needed "US" time...