Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summertime is HERE!

I know that no body much reads my blog any more since I made it private. BUT I keep reminding myself that my main purpose for blogging is to document my children’s lives so that they can go back and read about their childhood. Yes, that is why.

Yesterday was Olivia’s first time in a kiddie pool and even though it ended up being a disaster in the end thanks to her older sister not being able to handle the fact that is was going to be a little different this year in the fact that they couldn’t fill the pool up, Olivia enjoyed her self immensely! I did give them the option of jumping in the sprinkler but she was just fixated on filling that pool up so we eventually went in and Audrey ended up going to bed early and getting a long talk from dear old mom about having to put Olivia’s needs before ours sometimes. And how it’s not always going to be like this. That pretty soon we wont have to worry about Livi being to small because she is growing so fast. Even though she was in trouble, we had a good talk.

Like I said, Olivia enjoyed her self. The water was chilly but that didn’t stop her!


the ladner family said...

How adorable! They will eventually get used to giving in to her and it will become second nature most of the time !

Nelda said...

Lil' ms Livvy looks so innocent and her little smile was showing how much fun she had regardless!

Big brother and sister are too big! Kills me! Unbelievable that time is so fast and furious!