Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Sunday evening I was sitting out on my front porch enjoying the light breeze and taking in my surroundings. You see, I’m a porcher. It's one of my favorite things to do, just sit out there and swing gently. It reminds me of my child hood and sitting out on the front porch with my daddy. He’s a porcher too; I reckon that’s where I get my love for it.

Any way, I was just sitting out there reflecting on the wonderful Mother’s Day I had just enjoyed with my family and it struck me that the coming week is the last week of school before Summer and that means that the week was going to be the last one with James and Audrey at home with just me all day, all week. And that, dear readers, was a little hard to take.

Where oh where did the time go? It just evaporated, so it is true that time is but a vapor. In so many ways it seems like it was just yesterday when Jon and I were starting out on this magical journey of parenthood. Starting out in the most high stress way that two parents can. It seems like just yesterday that I was going stir crazy during the day and that going to the library for story time twice a week was a must for holding on to what little sanity I possess. (We went to their last weekly story time yesterday.) And now, all of a sudden, they are ready to start school. I am ready for them to start school. I feel a peace about it that I did not feel at this time last year when we were thinking of sending them to a 3 day a week program.

It’s amazing how much of a difference you can feel and see in your life when you listen to the Lord’s direction. At the time I kinda felt like maybe it was just my raging pregnancy hormones that made me freak out and with draw their name from the list. Especially after I gave the woman such a fit up at the school about making sure they had a spot. And since keeping them home when I had a new born proved to be one of the most challenging times of my life, for a while I thought that I had made a huge mistake because it was so hard. But one day it struck me that just because it was hard didn’t mean it was the wrong decision. That gave me great strength to press on and even though we have not followed a strict schedule, it has proved to be the best decision that I have made in regards to their well being.

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Nelda said...

Sweet reflections of a woman with a true mother's heart. Hope you're blessed to continue savoring every new phase...It will be high school graduation before you can blink!