Thursday, April 26, 2012

10 months

My dear where has the time gone? I can hardly believe your 1 year birthday is just around the corner. Here is a short run down of what you are doing these days and your likes and dislikes.
~You can clap your hands together and wave bye bye.
~You can say nah nah and da da
~You can give us kisses when we ask for them. Wide open mouth kisses with a lot of tongue. The best kind! You don’t always do it on command but you can. Your daddy taught you that. I will have to give him credit for it I guess!
~You get down on your belly to look for things that have gone up under couches and chairs
~You have got the cruising thing down and can stand for a few seconds at a time with out holding onto anything. You don’t do it to often but you can do it.

~You grab at everything within arms (or fingers) length and you have a strong grip
~Everything under the sun goes in your mouth. Here’s a short list of some things I have dug out:
      *Paper. Lots and lots and lots of paper
      *Squeenkies (And I have held true to my promise to your sister and thrown them away if I dig them                 out of your mouth. The first time it happened, oh boy. I didn’t think she’d ever recover! But she learned her lesson fairly well and it’s only happened once more.)
      *A FLY. That was so gross
      * Popcorn kernels ( twins are no longer allowed to eat pop corn on the floor)


~You love to watch Mickey Mouse, Baby Einstein and pretty much any thing else the twins like to
~You love your Minnie Mouse doll and have started crawling around with it in your hand. So cute! It’s also the first thing that I told you to go get and you went and got it.
~You talk to books and love to be read to
~You HATE the play yard. So much so you scream cry every time I put you in it. I’m not sure why though because it has plenty of toys and plenty of room for you to crawl around in. And you used to like it up till about 2 months ago. The play house was even in there but that still didn’t help. So I put the house in the living room and have pretty much given up on the play yard and will be taking it down soon. Since I put the house in the living room you adore it and will play with it for ever.

~You are an attention hog. And I do mean it!! But then who can blame you when every one in this house pretty much attends to your every need at the moment you need it.
~ You screech worse than a screech owl when you want attention or when somethings not going your way.
~ You are an attention hog. Oops, did I already say that? Well, you are. If we are at the supper table and no one is paying you any attention you start screeching until someone looks at you or talks to you.
~You love to stand at the window in the living room and look out.

The only time thighs and bootay cellulite like this are adorable!!

Oh Olivia I don’t want you to grow up. I am enjoying our life with you SO MUCH!! And this stage in particular because you are such a little mama’s girl right now! Oh you love you some daddy and you get excited when you see him and you tease him by turning away from him when he tries to kiss you while you have a HUGE grin on your face. But, you love me! I am definitely your #1 choice and I wouldn’t trade that for any thing in the whole wide world!! I love you to the moon and back, sweet darling baby girl.