Friday, April 20, 2012

Smurf Mom

James started Smurf t-ball up at the rec department here in Cairo this week and he loves it so far. He got a little fidgety the first night, when he wasn’t getting any action, and told his daddy “Why isn’t any body giving me a turn? That’s not fair" and then "I am so done with t-ball.”  I wonder where in the world he could of possibly learned the phrase “I am so done with so and so” and how he knows the correct content to us it in.

Even though it’s been real hot, he has had a blast. He’s a hustler and doesn’t mind running in to home plate all the way from the out field just to try and get the ball. But then again, none of those little Smurf’s mind doing that. You want to talk about quality entertainment, just throw a bunch of preschoolers out on a baseball field and tell them to get the ball. It’s hilarious to watch them all go after it at the same time. We have games on Monday’s and Thursday’s at 6:00 starting next week and going through the end of May. Needless to say, they aren’t taking swim lessons any more!

To top it all off Cason, James’ very bestest friend in the whole world, is on his team! A few people have asked me why Audrey isn’t playing and my first response is because she is doing dance and doesn’t need another activity, swimming was enough. But the more I think about it, I just can’t see Audrey out on a baseball field runnin after a ball, hitting a ball and actually having fun standing out in the heat. We’ve only been out to the field 2x and she “gets so bored” and drives me a little batty by constantly saying “when is it going to be over? I’m so bored. Mama, I’m so thirsty. Mama, I don’t want to sit on the ground. Mama, mama, mama.” I have to keep reminding her that her brother comes to her dance class every week and sits patiently and watches her dance. To which she just lets out a big old sigh and if she were a little bit older would probably roll her eyes at me. She may change her mind (and her ways) in later years but right now Audge podge is too girly to play ball!!

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Becky said...

what wonderful memories you're making!!! I agree, Audge is WAY too fragile for the heat of t-ball. She's a prima ballerina. Will they still be playing ball in June??? May have to come a day early!